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  1. PKK’s Senior Kitchen Designer, Todd Atkins, chosen as 2021 Kitchen Design Innovator

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    Phil Kean Kitchen’s very own Todd Atkins, Senior Kitchen Designer, was selected by Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine as one of their 2021 Kitchen & Bath Industry Innovators.  The choice was based on the innovative kitchen he designed that was showcased in The 2021 New American Home by Phil Kean Design Group in Winter Park, Florida.  You can access the online article here or read below:

    Todd Atkins – 2021 Kitchen Design Innovator, KBDN OCTOBER 2021

    Designer offers new take on finish and texture combinations

    As the kitchen designer of The 2021 New American Home, Todd Atkins, senior kitchen designer for Phil Kean Design Group, in Winter Park, FL, showcased his mastery in mixing unexpected styles and aesthetics to create a leading-edge, yet classic kitchen design that is ahead of its time. This “modern” kitchen showcases soft, warm tones and a balance of modern and traditional elements that work together to achieve a high-end, sophisticated setting.

    For example, a traditional 10′ walnut hutch acts as the anchor of this modern kitchen, recessed into the 14′ wall and surrounded floor-to-ceiling with a soft white quartz. The refrigerator/freezer and pantry are hidden behind a high-gloss, champagne-colored panel wall, framed in a carbon-stained 8″ Alder wood surround. The surround is duplicated on the range wall that blends classic inset base units painted in cream with mirrored upper cabinetry and a custom hood in chevron walnut panels with bronze metal trim. Then, kitchen finishes are rounded out with a gold faucet, refrigerator pulls in gunmetal, brushed nickel sconces, silver island pendant and gold pulls on the range wall cabinetry and on the walnut hutch.

    The seasoned interior architect and designer’s new take on combining finishes and textures is exciting innovation in kitchen design, note colleagues.



  2. 5 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Your Custom Kitchen Design

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    While sleek cabinetry and countertops are often the focus of custom kitchen designs, another area of your space deserves a moment in the spotlight—your kitchen backsplash. A stunning, distinctive backsplash can transform a kitchen and elevate an already well-appointed design to new heights.

    From intricate patterns to statement-making large-format tile, the options are nearly endless when it comes to functional yet beautiful backsplashes. Keep reading for five of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas, as seen in some of our most memorable spaces, to inspire your next custom design or kitchen remodel.

    Make a Dramatic Statement with a Dark Marble Slab Backsplash

    From greenery and sunlight to natural stone, incorporating natural elements within a kitchen design warms up and softens a modern space. Marble in particular works well in kitchens and is one of our design team’s favorite materials to infuse into a space. This natural stone brings in an organic texture while adding a dramatic touch, especially when using slabs with dark veining.

    There are also a number of ways to include marble within a kitchen design. While a tiled marble backsplash is more common, opting for a seamless, custom-cut slab makes nearly any space look and feel more luxurious.

    Extend the Backsplash to the Kitchen’s Ceiling

    Standard backsplash height ranges between 15 and 18 inches, but when it comes to modern kitchen design, rules were meant to be broken. For a sophisticated yet unexpected touch, consider bringing your kitchen’s backsplash up the wall and to the ceiling.

    Drawing the eye upward, extending the backsplash creates the illusion of more vertical space, even if your kitchen has standard 8-foot ceilings. From subway tiles to marble slabs, this technique can be applied across a variety of materials whether you are dreaming of an all-white, ultra-modern kitchen or a Scandinavian space with warm wood accents.

    Create a Seamless Look from Countertops to Backsplash

    One of the simplest ways to create a cohesive look within a home is to adhere to a set palette of colors, materials or finishes. In a kitchen, this can be done by using the same material across your countertops and backsplash to unify the design and provide a timeless feel.

    The repetition of materials from countertop to backsplash builds a seamless flow from horizontal to vertical space. This design choice delivers truly spectacular effects and works for a variety of kitchen styles, from minimalist and modern, to traditional with a twist.

    Use Large-Format Tiles for a Grand Look

    While classic subway tiles or elaborate herringbone patterns top trend lists for kitchen design, we are partial to making a grander statement with large-format tiles. Minimizing grout lines for a clean and modern look, large-format tiles are a favorite and specialty amongst our team of custom kitchen designers. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns from white or gray to subtle charcoal veining, these tiles open up kitchen spaces and build the illusion of a larger room with their size.

    Due to their oversized nature, installing large-format tiles requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. However, the challenge yields stunning results that won’t go unnoticed.

    Pair Contrasting Tile Colors in Modern Design

    An unexpected backsplash adds interest to an otherwise neutral kitchen and even in an ultra-modern, minimalist design, there is still room to play with patterns. From asymmetrical arrangements to something a bit more intricate, a tiled backsplash can be used to introduce a unique pattern or focal point.

    Although tiled patterns can be a bold design move, adhering to a palette of two-to-three colors ensures the backsplash does not take away from the sophistication of the rest of the kitchen’s design. In fact, bringing in an element of surprise through pattern could be the finishing touch your kitchen needs to feel complete.

    In custom kitchen design, every square inch of space requires a high degree of attention and thought to maximize form and function. Beyond protecting your walls from splashes while cooking or cleaning, a beautiful backsplash complements finishes and completes a space. If you are planning a kitchen remodel or building your dream kitchen from scratch, give your backsplash the consideration it deserves to create a one-of-a-kind end-result.

    Still searching for kitchen inspiration? Explore more backsplash ideas and modern kitchen designs for your next project in our portfolio.

  3. Explore Phil Kean Kitchens’ Parade of Homes Orlando Entry

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    Every year, the Orlando Parade of Homes celebrates Central Florida’s most inspiring homebuilders, remodelers and interior designers. At Phil Kean Kitchens, and our sister firm Phil Kean Design Group, we are no strangers to participating in this brilliant showcase of homes. This year, we are proud to enter the Bianca at Keene’s Point in Windermere, Florida as a showcase of a whole-home remodel and modern kitchen design.

    While our entry is not open to the public during the Parade, our team invites you to explore the Bianca home in this article, the inspiration behind the interior and kitchen design, and the unique features we incorporated within this home.

    Bringing Our Clients’ Dream Kitchen to Life

    Every home and kitchen remodel project begins with getting to know our clients’ objectives—their vision of what a perfect space would look and feel like. With the Bianca, that vision revolved around infusing our clients’ culture within the home to give them a taste of their native Brazil in Central Florida.

    “Our clients are from Brazil, so they’re used to contemporary architecture,” shares Phil Kean, founder of Phil Kean Kitchens. “They wanted to bring a little bit of that architecture to their home in Keene’s Point.”

    Making the Outdoors a Focal Point

    Our penchant for blending indoor and outdoor living spaces has become a signature in our interior and custom kitchen designs. With this project, our main source of inspiration was rooted in nature—the spectacular scenery surrounding the home.

    “The best part of that kitchen is the view,” says Jessica Napolitano, architectural associate with Phil Kean Kitchens. Looking out over the home’s breathtaking outdoor space, including a sparkling, heated pool and magnificent landscaping, every moment spent in the kitchen feels like a treat thanks to the panoramic views.

    Modern Kitchen DesignPhotography by: Uneek Image

    Warming Up an All-White Kitchen

    While the all-white kitchen remains a staple in kitchen design, the natural surroundings of this home inspired the fusion of wood within an otherwise ultra-modern, minimal kitchen. Our designers selected a beautiful white oak stain to complement white, glass-front cabinetry from Brazil, as well as onyx accents, to create a blend of light, warm and dark tones.

    “The hood and floating open shelving were all custom built. All of the cabinets have a beautiful glass front and a linear finger pull that’s unique to this line. It keeps all the lines consistent and clean,” details Katie Kennerknecht, showroom manager and interior designer at Phil Kean Kitchens.

    The contrast of dark and light was carried through to the kitchen’s multi-level island. “The countertop on the island goes up and comes around then goes back down,” Phil points out. “It’s not a typical countertop, it has movement to it.”

    modern kitchen colours and designs

    Functionality First: Kitchen Appliances, Fixtures and Storage

    “This was a very thoughtful kitchen design,” Katie remarks of the Bianca kitchen remodel.

    “It’s a very simple layout and the challenge when you get really simple is everything has to be flawless. Every little detail was worked and reworked,” adds Phil.

    As with every kitchen design or remodel our team takes on, function must match form. That is, spaces must not only be visually striking, but also offer residents of these spaces easy access to key features, high-quality appliances, and ample prep areas. The Bianca kitchen features top-of-the-line Subzero refrigeration and Wolf cooking appliances to ensure every part of the kitchen experience feels as great as it looks.

    Another show-stopping feature within the space is the extra long sink with double faucets. This unique sink allows the homeowners to switch out accessories, from colanders to cutting boards, throughout the cooking process, depending on their needs.

    “The large island is great for gathering with family for meals but also the pocketing doors, so if you are prepping for a larger dinner party, you can close the door for some privacy,” Jessica points out.

    bathroom showroom orlandoPhotography by: Uneek Image

    Designing a Summer Kitchen

    As the scope of this project grew, our team had the opportunity to carry out a whole-home remodel and infuse the inspiration behind the Bianca kitchen design throughout the rest of the home. One such space was the summer kitchen. “It’s an extension of the kitchen,” Phil recounts. “We bring the inside and outside together so they have those similarities and cohesiveness.”

    Functioning as a traditional Florida room, the summer kitchen features the same Brazilian glass-front cabinetry, seamless transition from countertop to backsplash and large-format floor tiles. “The space has accordion doors across the back so it is truly flexible indoor outdoor living,” adds Jessica.

    To view additional photos and details on the Bianca, click through to our Parade of Homes Orlando entry.

  4. Outdoor Kitchens: A Must-Have Amenity for Florida Homes

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    kitchen design two color cabinets

    Photo by: Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

    When you’re spending the day poolside or entertaining in your backyard oasis, the last thing you want to do is press pause on the festivities to step inside and prep a meal. An outdoor kitchen lets you keep the good times rolling with everything you need to whip up a full, gourmet meal or arrange a tantalizing charcuterie platter.

    Outdoor cooking areas complement dining and lounging zones and complete the resort-style feel of the quintessential luxury Florida home. But before firing up the grill or restocking the wine cooler, there are certain factors to weigh out when creating a functional and sophisticated space. The following are three essential steps to take when planning, designing and building your outdoor kitchen according to our team of designers and architects.

    new trends in kitchen cabinets

    Photography by: Uneek Image

    Plan location and layout

    An important point of consideration as you are planning your outdoor kitchen is its location. In custom outdoor kitchen design, the where is just as significant as the what.

    First, you will want to think about your new kitchen’s proximity to your main space. As you are planning, ensure you will have convenient access to everything you may need to master your culinary skills outdoors. Setting up a dream outdoor kitchen in a far corner of your property may be a tempting way to make use of sprawling grounds, but it means you will have to transport food and drinks across a greater distance.

    Next, it’s time to blueprint your outdoor kitchen’s layout. There are four main areas in kitchen planning—cold (refrigeration), hot (grills, stovetops, ovens), wet (sinks, dishwashers), and dry (food prep and storage). While your outdoor space may not include an oven or dishwasher, each area must work with the next to ensure a seamless and safe experience with every use.

    kitchen technology trends

    Photography by: Jeffrey A. Davis Photography, Courtesy of Timberlake Cabinetry

    Choose materials designed for outdoor kitchens

    Armed with an initial plan for your outdoor kitchen, it’s time to have some fun. From incorporating the latest kitchen design trends to creating a look that is uniquely your own, choosing materials, finishes and appliances for your brand new kitchen is one of the most exciting steps in the entire process. It’s when your vision of a functional outdoor entertaining space like no other begins coming to life.

    However, there are special considerations to make when designing an all-season outdoor area. Your kitchen will be exposed to the elements year-round and in Florida that can include extreme heat, humidity, hurricanes, hail and more. Because of this, durability and easy maintenance are a must in outdoor kitchen materials.

    “For outdoor cabinets, we have found lines by Danver and Brown Jordan absolutely unmatched in quality, design and craftsmanship. With distinctive color selections and realistic wood grain powder coat finishes, Danver and Brown Jordan are the top of the line when it comes to durable, stunning outdoor kitchen cabinets,” shares Phil Kean.

    “When it comes to countertops, Dekton is our choice,” continues Kean. “They have truly redefined the standards of excellence for outdoor surfaces with their unique application of technology. Dekton’s ultra-sophisticated surfaces are sure to elevate the appearance of any outdoor kitchen.”

    copper coloured kitchen accessories

    Photography by: Uneek Image

    Make comfort a priority all year

    At a cool 75 degrees, sitting under a sunny sky feels like a treat. But as temperatures fluctuate and weather conditions change, ensuring your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space is comfortable year-round requires some planning.

    Even in Florida, temperatures can reach frigid lows during the winter months. However, the cold shouldn’t confine you indoors. Incorporating heating elements like fireplaces, firepits and heating towers allows you to entertain and enjoy your warm and cozy backyard sanctuary.

    Like heating, cooling should also be a priority when planning outdoor areas and kitchens. At the height of a Florida summer, even a splash in the pool isn’t enough to cool down and escape the heat. Having a shaded area to retreat to or enjoy meals under can make all the difference when the sun is shining bright. Consider locating your outdoor cooking and dining space under a lanai or covered deck, which offers shade and shelter from both sun and rain. Ceiling fans and misters are also welcomed additions to keep you cool.

    kitchen remodel orlando

    Photography by: My Visual Listings – Orlando

    “Outdoor kitchens have been picking up in popularity in recent years,” points out Phil Kean. “We have been seeing families prioritizing spending time outdoors and individuals who love to entertain, making their backyards the focal point of their homes. In any case, having a gorgeous, well-designed kitchen within arm’s reach makes enjoying more of the great outdoors comfortable and delicious.”

  5. 2019 Kitchen Trends: Color, Cabinets and Copper Accents

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    Because of the investment of time, effort and, of course, money when designing a new kitchen, or remodeling an existing space, when it comes to choosing colors, materials and finishing touches, timeless typically beats trendy. However, with a professional’s touch, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

    “We dug into this year’s hottest kitchen elements to find the trends that are transcending into the realm of mainstay techniques in modern design,” details Phil Kean. “While these are our predictions for the details that will continue to dominate kitchens in 2019, our team of interior designers foresee each of the following directions maintaining their appeal for years or decades to come.”

    Our designers’ findings may surprise you, and are also sure to delight and inspire. Keep reading for the top five trends that will rule kitchen design in 2019 and beyond.

    latest trend in kitchen cabinets

    Image source: Bonytt

    Pops of Color

    Not long ago, all-white kitchens reigned supreme—our own monochromatic kitchen remodel won Room of the Year at the 2013 Best in American Living Awards. While simplicity still earns a top spot on trend lists, vibrant pops of color are claiming their moment in the spotlight.

    From accent walls and accessories, to cabinetry and ceramic tile, there are countless methods of incorporating unexpected hues in kitchen designs. Deep, jewel tone greens and blues have dominated interior design palettes in recent years. In 2019, we can expect to see the rise of earthy, warm tones—burnt orange, caramel and red. Muted shades of blue, green and gray, as well as rich teal, will also be a popular choice adorning islands, wall storage and appliances.

    aurora awards

    Image source: Style at Home

    Open Shelving

    Wood, glass, minimal, traditional—when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinetry, the possibilities are bountiful and beautiful. As we move into 2019, opting for open shelving in place of closed upper cabinets will continue to be a top trend for those building or remodeling a modern kitchen.

    A style as sleek as it is practical, open shelving allows homeowners to organize and display cookware, serving trays, pitchers, plates and other unique treasures. With no doors to hide behind, open storage solutions also offer an incentive to stay tidy and keep kitchen collections cohesive. With a range of available materials and styles—from floating live-edge wood planks to dark piping or stainless-steel brackets for an industrial touch—open shelving can contribute to creating a totally custom look.

    white and copper kitchen

    Image source: Phil Kean Kitchens; Photo by Uneek Image

    Two-Toned Kitchens

    There is a time and place for a monochromatic look, but 2019 brings with it an opportunity to shake things up. Two-toned kitchen designs are making waves for blending sophisticated elegance with a contemporary twist. This look can be obtained by mixing colors, materials or finishes, but achieving the right amount of contrast requires a designer’s eye.

    A popular route to incorporating multiple colors within a single kitchen design involves pairing dark lower cabinets with a light finish on the upper. This approach draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and open space. Color blocking an island or one wall of cabinets is another technique to add visual interest to a modern design and can be used to accent a point of focus, like a state-of-the-art gas range.

    top modern kitchen designs

    Image source: Orange Graphics

    Gold and Copper Accents

    From hardware to appliances and accessories, metal finishes add a luxe touch to any kitchen design. As color trends heat up, metallic accents will follow suit. In 2019, spaces will trade cool silver, platinum and stainless steel for warm gold and copper.

    Pairing well with dark shades like navy and black, as well as white and natural wood, gold and copper finishes boost contrast and style. Incorporated into modern designs, warm metals bring classic refinement in a timeless package.

    florida kitchen and bath

    Image source: Motivo Home; Phil Kean Kitchens; photo by AOFotos

    Pendant Lighting

    As showcased in several of our designs, pendant lighting is a chic way to call attention to a space’s central focus point. In the kitchen, pendants are a perfect complement to recessed lighting—practical yet polished.

    With a wide range of available suspended lighting styles, there are plenty of options to match your kitchen’s look and feel. Choose from Edison bulbs enclosed in glass, mid-century modern globes accented in gold, industrial metal shades and geometric designs, among many others.

    kitchen concepts llc

    Phil Kean Kitchens; photo by Uneek Image

    Unique Cabinet Handles and Hardware

    In exceptional kitchen design, it’s all about the details. Cabinet handles, pulls and hardware put the finishing touches on a space and have the ability to completely transform a room. For the 2019 kitchen trends, these elements will get their due respect, with intentional and innovative elements dominating interiors.

    From recessed handles to leather pulls and hardware making use of the gold and copper accent trend, this trend focuses on combining the best of form and function. A style that has stood the test of time in our own minimal kitchen designs, handle-free cabinetry is also set to gain widespread traction.

    Searching for more inspiration? Browse our kitchen design gallery for ideas and innovative applications of these and more timeless elements, or book your consultation with one of our designers today.

  6. The ABC’s of Custom Kitchen Design

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    Envisioning Your Kitchen Concept from Design to Delight

    With luxe design trends constantly evolving and smart appliances getting smarter every day, today’s custom kitchen design choices are dizzying! That’s why you’ll really appreciate the custom kitchen design experts and curated kitchen design collections at Phil Kean Kitchens.

    As Phil Kean says, “From hot TV shows to iconic design magazines to the trendiest online showcases, you’re bound to find an overload of kitchen concept ideas you love out there. Our strength is helping you simplify that into a custom kitchen design that truly reflects you, your lifestyle and your personal vision.” 

    As Better Homes & Gardens makes clear in Create a Design That’s Tailored to You, “The kitchen is the most expensive and challenging room to build or remodel. But it’s where everything happens—so it’s important…to make smart design decisions.”

    At Phil Kean Kitchens, we want to help you relax and enjoy the kitchen concept planning process, so here are some ABCs to consider for a custom kitchen design that delights!

    A: Architecture, Aesthetics, Activities

    First, consider how the architectural bones of your home influence the kitchen concept you envision. It’s going to determine many of your other choices.

    “At Phil Kean Kitchens, we’ve designed personalized kitchen concepts that range from ultra-contemporary to traditional to mid-century modern and more. Whether we’re doing a custom build or a custom remodel, we always start with the architectural style and our client’s personal vision to create a design that’s one of a kind,” states Phil Kean.

    To expand your custom kitchen design inspiration base, check out the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  You can browse through custom kitchens representing lots of architectural styles. Their categories also include “Eclectic,” “Beach” and “Glam” so it’s a fun place for fresh design inspiration.

    Southern Living’s 110 Beautiful Kitchens…Unlock the Recipes will also give you endless design inspiration for all kinds of architectural styles and kitchen concepts. You’ll find a zillion kitchen concept planning tips to inspire and delight.

    frankfurt kitchen plan

    Next, what activities go on in your kitchen? Is your kitchen concept planned around all the entertaining you do, family activities or an unstoppable gourmet chef’s passion for cooking? Picturing activities and architecture will help you envision aesthetics.

    Pops of color, natural stones, gorgeous sustainable woods, amazing new smart appliances in unusual finishes, gorgeous lighting, artistically crafted fixtures, cook tops, storage solutions—so many design choices will need to be made!

    Partnering with custom kitchen design experts that also have a showroom of curated kitchen design collections can really save your sanity. Hello, Phil Kean Kitchens!

    B: Beauty and the Basics

    Some basics, like kitchen space design, may not be glamorous, but they are utterly essential.  As articles in Better Homes & Gardens or HGTV’s Developing a Functional Kitchen Floor Plan point out, “A kitchen might have the most beautiful cabinets, technologically advanced appliances and high-end finishes, but if the layout doesn’t meet the needs of a homeowner’s lifestyle, the rest doesn’t matter.

    Phil Kean reiterates, “How a kitchen needs to function is an extremely personal matter, and kitchen space design needs to be customized to reflect that.”

    Importantly, kitchen space design, including electrical and plumbing placement, will be required to meet strictly enforced building codes—another reason working with a trusted professional is a great idea.

    custom kitchen design

    Now for the fun part! It’s time to decide on “basics” like appliances, designer plumbing fixtures, countertop materials, lighting styles and placement, seating arrangements, flooring materials, kitchen island design and function, and of course storage solutions. These are all functional elements of your dream kitchen’s design.

    Deciding whether your kitchen concept should also include the extension of an outdoor grilling and entertaining area to complement your indoor kitchen is where the “basics” turn into the creative choices you’ll love to make!

    copper trend

    C: Customization Means Creative Collaboration

    Phil Kean is happy to say that, “Our collections for kitchen and bath design are curated from the best of the best around the world. When we listen to our customers envision their personalized dream kitchens, we want to be able to walk through the showroom and let them see and touch and choose elements to bring that vision to life.”

    You want your custom kitchen design concept and its reality to be a clear and unique expression of your unique style, personality and aesthetics.  When you make the decision to design a kitchen concept for real, it’s a comfort and a joy to work with seasoned design professionals that have a great reputation, both as people and as architectural and original kitchen design experts.

    Delight in the Reality of the Custom Kitchen Design You Envisioned

    Why not schedule a complimentary consultation with Phil Kean Kitchens?  Our award-winning kitchen designers will work with you to transform a somewhat daunting and overwhelming creative process into a comfortable creative collaboration that works.

    “There’s no design inspiration so powerful as the personal conversations with our clients where we truly listen, learn, and explore their kitchen design concept with them,” states Phil Kean. “It’s easy to see the beautiful realization of that process in the kitchens pictured in our extensive design portfolio. Delighting our clients is the very best part of what we do.”

  7. Kitchen Design: The Designer’s Eye Sees More

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    When it comes to visualizing a stunning new or renovated kitchen design, the designer’s eye sees what the untrained eye cannot. Where there is antiquated cabinetry, a kitchen designer sees open shelving primed for meticulous styling. With a glance, a walled-off room becomes an open-concept area, complete with an island for additional counter space.

    As Phil Kean Kitchens leader and acclaimed architect, Phil Kean, says, “With our practiced designer’s eye and top-level tech, we can show our clients walls coming down, the impact of new flooring, cabinets appearing, what happens when indoor/outdoor cooking areas are added, and so much more.”

    trendy kitchens


    “If you’re ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, hiring a pro can ease the process…and be well worth the investment.” – Houzz, “How to Work with a Kitchen Designer”

    Choosing a kitchen designer who “sees” your personal vision is key to getting the kitchen you want. That’s the concept at the core of our mission and philosophy. As Phil puts it, “Our strength is that each design is about our clients’ vision.  We go over their inspiration resources and budget and learn about their lives, loves, and families. Our designer’s eye translates their one-of-a-kind vision into a truly personalized kitchen design.”

    white copper kitchen


    Your new kitchen should not only fit your lifestyle but also reflect it, whether you’re an epicure cooking up new recipes each week or a casual cook with a penchant for entertaining. To gather inspiration for your new kitchen’s design, look into resources like Home & Design, where you can explore international kitchens created by top designers. Architectural Digest’s “Kitchen Renovations from the World’s Top Designers” also offers an impressive array of possibilities, from gold-leaf islands to farmhouse design details.

    You can also search for inspiration within the portfolio of your top kitchen designer choice. In our portfolio, for example, you will find our expertise in creating kitchen designs that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is a trend we spearheaded well over a decade ago and one that has earned us countless awards and accolades.

    When you’ve got a good idea of where you want to go with your kitchen design, it’s time to bring it to life. And that takes us to one of the most critical steps in the design process—the kitchen design consultation.


    Every kitchen design project starts with a plan, but before that plan can be formulated, you’ll need a partner you can trust. The initial consultation phase of kitchen design or renovations serves as an opportunity to get to know your architect and determine if your personality, your space and your ideas are a good match for your selected designer.

    As Phil Kean says, “The complimentary kitchen design consultation at our showroom is as exciting for us, the design professionals, as it is for our potential clients. It’s where our designer’s eye meets their one-of-a-kind vision for the kitchen they hope to make a reality. We have a reputation for forming long-term personal relationships that begin with that first kitchen design consultation and go on long after clients are enjoying the completed design in their homes.”

    Ready to begin your kitchen design process? For more information about custom kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchens to schedule your private consultation.

  8. The Orlando Phil Kean Team Answers Your Kitchen Remodeling Questions

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    Kitchen Remodeling FAQs, Answered by Our Home Renovation Experts

    Most homeowners agree the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families naturally gather to share the day’s stories and countless precious memories are made. Needless to say, investing in a kitchen remodel means investing in what makes your house a home. This doesn’t mean simply incorporating the latest kitchen trends — a kitchen renovation can transform the way your family spends time at home. In fact, of homeowners who have renovated their kitchen spaces, 50%  report spending more family time together and 41% say they cook more meals at home.

    “Many of our clients choose to incorporate their kitchen space into their open living areas. I particularly enjoy designing kitchens that facilitate this blend by hiding certain kitchen activities behind closed doors. For instance, coffee or juice stations can be built in behind cabinetry and hidden pantries offer limitless opportunities,” shares Phil Kean. “Providing solutions for clean, seamless living spaces helps our clients enjoy spending more time in their new kitchens.”

    No matter where you are in your consideration of a kitchen remodel, you are bound to have a few questions. To help guide you on your journey, our Phil Kean Kitchens design professionals have answered a few of the most common queries we receive about kitchen renovations below.

    kitchen trends

    How long does a kitchen remodel take?

    Typically, a kitchen remodel can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, not including the planning and design phases, however, every kitchen remodel project is different and highly personal. Plans must be customized to each household’s unique needs, whether your objective is to create a functional space for cocktail parties or family dinners. With this in mind, the length of your project may vary based on the complexity of the remodel. Structural changes and floor plan reconfiguring may add time to your project, and if materials, such as custom tile or countertops must be shipped internationally, this may also affect your timeline.

    When is the best time to remodel a kitchen?

    Deciding when to take on a kitchen remodel is a choice only you can make. Nevertheless, there are a few factors to consider in your decision. Depending on the complexity of your remodel, your kitchen may not be functional for weeks or months. Even if your kitchen is in working order during the remodel, construction may make preparing meals difficult.

    If you are purchasing or building a new home, taking on a kitchen remodel before moving in would be an ideal scenario. If you and your family are already living in the space, you will need to plan ahead, whether that is setting up an interim kitchen space in another room or renting a home or hotel for some or the duration of your remodel.

    custom kitchen design ideas

    What does a kitchen renovation cost?

    Updating a kitchen with new tile and fixtures or new countertops can start at $10,000. Replacing cabinetry begins at $50,000. A complete remodel with new cabinetry, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures and appliances begins at $75,000 and varies depending on the brands and levels of appliances, fixtures and finishes chosen.


    Will a kitchen remodel increase the value of my home?

    In most cases, a kitchen remodel will yield a return on your investment. While the amount added to your home’s value may vary, the average return on a major, upscale kitchen renovation is about 54%. Of course, potential returns may vary depending on your local real estate market and may change daily.

    Whether you are considering small updates to your kitchen or envisioning a complete kitchen renovation, our Orlando Phil Kean Kitchens team is here to help. Schedule your visit to our Orlando kitchen and bath gallery and showroom or contact us for a consultation today.

  9. The History of Kitchen Design Elements and a Look Ahead

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    Today’s stunning contemporary kitchens demonstrate the best of the best in time-honored kitchen design elements, as well as the most cutting edge smart technology and more. As Phil Kean says, “The evolution of kitchen design through the decades gives our clients a remarkable range of evolved design elements from which to craft their personal contemporary kitchen. Each period is inspirational in its own right.” Here is a look at how we got to the here-and-now as modern kitchen design evolved over the decades.


    Imagine cooking with no electricity and no running water. Kitchens of centuries past involved a great deal of physical labor in order to even start the cooking process! Yet design elements from medieval, old world kitchens and pre-industrial age kitchens, like antiqued woods, metals and natural stone, still have a place in today’s forward-thinking kitchen designs.
    According to LuxPad, “Cooking in the Middle Ages was, like today, a sociable and communal affair. As the only source of light and heat, all activity revolved around a central fire.” Tables and seating were a part of cooking and family life even then.

    However, that changed as increasing travel brought new cuisines into the picture. For the wealthy that meant separate kitchens to support lavish feasts. For working families, the kitchen also became separate and primarily functional. “It was a sign of poor hospitality for any sounds or smells from the kitchen to permeate the rest of the house.” Thank goodness for the Industrial Revolution!


    By the early 1900s, household electricity and running water were the norm. Industrialization brought the evolution of kitchen design to a new era. Factories mass-produced fixtures, ever-more modern appliances, cabinetry, lighting and storage units, and gas stoves were introduced.

    In the 1920s, the kitchen design hit a new high. An Austrian architect, Margarete Shutte-Lihotzy, revolutionized the Frankfurt Kitchen, a prototype for the modern kitchen introduced the “golden triangle” of cooker, fridge and sink placed for maximum efficiency. It was such a design innovation that in 2011 the Museum of Modern Art created an entire show around it. Through the 1940s these integrated cooking spaces dramatically influenced the course of kitchen evolution.


    In the 1950s, the modern kitchen design truly took off. New products such as laminates and linoleum hit the market. Paint color became a fashion statement. International design influences became more prevalent. However, one of the biggest movers and shakers behind modern kitchen design becoming all the rage, was perhaps the first pop culture celebrity chef, Julia Child. With an enormously popular TV show, gourmet cooking became a fast-spreading craze.

    Yet kitchens were still closed off rooms. The open plan kitchen, a concept by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was still rare in the 1950s, but many mark the ‘50s as the decade that paved the way for their rise to popularity.

    Phil Kean says that, “Contemporary kitchens, as well as much of the open and airy contemporary home designs of today, certainly must pay homage to the great influences of Frank Lloyd Wright and the advent of mid-century modern architecture.”

    lavish kitchens

    By the 1980s, open kitchen designs were the darlings of architects and their clients worldwide. From mass-produced family houses to the most luxe of custom home designs, the open kitchen plan was here to stay.

    Contemporary open kitchen styles have made the kitchen island a mainstay design element. Both stylish and functional, kitchen islands themselves have evolved to become a focal point for socializing and entertaining as well as truly establishing the contemporary kitchen as the heart of the home. Islands and peninsulas can define areas of the kitchen and delineate cooking zones with built in cooktops, sinks and prep stations for home chefs to show off their talents, as well as comfortable gathering places for conversation, dining and even homework.

    Additionally, Phil Kean and his design group have been leaders in extending the evolution of kitchen design that transitions from indoors to outdoors for a seamless experience that brings the evolution of kitchen design right into 2018 and beyond.


    For designing your own personalized custom kitchen evolution, whether to remodel a space or design a new custom home, you’ll want to visit our Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath showroom and explore our curated collections of kitchen lighting, flooring, smart appliances, stunning fixtures and so much more. Phil Kean says, “When it comes to helping our clients create a personalized kitchen that reflects their own tastes and styles, we’ve brought the best elements of design together in one place. And they’ll love the ease of working with our professional experts.”

    For more information about custom gourmet smart kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath LLC to schedule your private consultation.

  10. Serving Up Smart Kitchens at the 2018 Orlando Parade of Homes

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    Stunningly Smart Kitchen Tech

    Smart kitchen technology is hot, gorgeous and here to stay. Naturally, the 2018 Greater Orlando Parade of Homes, which the Phil Kean Kitchens team is proud to be a part of, promises to be a wonderland of smart kitchens integrated into homes of every architectural style and description.

    To get a taste of what’s new in kitchen automation and extraordinary design, keep reading for our thoughts on the trend and how we’re infusing this couture smart kitchen tech into our custom kitchens.

    Smart Kitchens, A Super Trend

    colors that match copper

    At the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, smart kitchen technology was a must-see popular trend. Cooks Illustrated reported on the CES extravaganza of epicurean high-tech offerings, saying, “Appliance makers are betting big on technology. If they’re right, cooking is going to change!” There’s even an annual, international Smart Kitchen Summit with global expos each year. With new functions and new finishes—from rare metallic tones to bright colors or sleek new takes on classic neutrals—smart appliances, fixtures, lighting and storage are combining programmable ease with jaw-dropping style.

    According to Phil Kean, “The choices in this bright new world of intuitive kitchen tech are extensive and exciting. Creating a personalized custom kitchen design that is responsive to your individual style of cooking, entertaining and just living is a rewarding adventure. It’s really helpful to work with our experts to sort through the many kitchen tech options that meld great design with function and ease.” The culinary technology trend is especially at home in the indoor-to-outdoor kitchen designs for which the Phil Kean group is renowned.

    High Tech for the Heart of the Home

    best kitchen colors with dark cabinets

    According to Phil Kean, “The important thing always is keeping your kitchen a warm and welcoming haven whether your taste runs highly contemporary or comfortably elegant.” When it comes to incorporating the latest trends in kitchen automation and design, you’ll want your kitchen to “live” as it always has. As the hub and heartbeat of your home, it’s a place you’ve created as a special setting for family and friends, inspired epicurean creativity or simply the joys of a peaceful cup of coffee or romantic cocktail.

    “For many people, the kitchen is the center of the home and a locus for interactions that go beyond preparing and eating food,” states a recent New York Times design article.
    “Now tech companies and appliance makers, aiming to deepen their relationships with customers, are increasingly targeting the room that is synonymous with togetherness.”

    Smart Kitchens on Parade

    The 2018 Greater Orlando Parade of Homes is one of the most perennially popular self-guided events in Central Florida and will run from May 5th to the 13th. It’s a celebration of the best in modern architecture, interior design and, of course, the connectivity, security and control of smart technology. As the Parade’s website states, “Whether you’re looking for a new home, wish to re-imagine your current home or are searching for a spark of inspiration, the Parade of Homes is the event for everyone interested and enthused by modern home design.”

    To start to picture how all of these beautiful, intuitive kitchen tech designs can be woven into a personalized custom smart kitchen embodying your own aesthetic statement while being intuitively responsive to your unique cooking, entertaining and living style, a visit to the Phil Kean Kitchens showroom will fire up your imagination and make your heart beat a little faster! Why not schedule a complimentary consultation?

    Extraordinary Built-InBosch Smart Coffee Machine, Included

    kitchen and bath remodeling orlando fl

    Imagine impressing your friends (and taking the hard work out of entertaining) with a stunning Bosch connected coffee machine. Its CoffeePlaylist allows you to program customized coffee and tea beverages for all your guests. Your morning will never be the same! Those who sign a qualified kitchen design contract with Phil Kean Kitchens during May 2018 will receive this extraordinary example of beautiful and functional smart kitchen technology compliments of Phil Kean Kitchens. Find out more at the Phil Kean Kitchens showroom or at the Phil Kean Design Group entries in the upcoming Orlando Parade of Homes.

    For more information about custom gourmet smart kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath to schedule your private consultation.

  11. 6 Designer Kitchen Trends to Elevate Your Entire Home

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    International Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2018

    Innovative kitchen design is in high-demand these days. That’s easy to see and experience the moment you walk into the Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath showroom in Winter Park, Florida. You’ll find all the hottest 2018 kitchen design trends—from lighting and fixtures to gorgeous counters, cabinets and smart appliance collections—all just waiting to be incorporated into the kitchen design of your dreams.

    With exciting kitchen design trends showcased at the NAHB International Builders Show in Orlando in January, as well as chic, international trends for 2018 highlighted recently by House Beautiful UK and the kitchens lighting up America’s screens on HGTV, we’re seeing kitchen design that will make your mouth water! Here are a few of our favorites.

    Vibrant Color Is Back

    popular kitchen designs

    From pops of cobalt blue, a sizzling color in current kitchen design, to islands and walls that feature blocks of signature hues like nature-inspired pastels to bright accents in vivid shades, color is back and it’s very, very big. As Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio, emphasized in House Beautiful UK, “The use of color in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect homeowners’ personalities and their needs.”

    We’re seeing color used to create a gathering area within the larger space or draw the eye to specific features. Almost equally, metallics such as golds and bronzes are being used to further elevate the ever on-trend palettes of neutrals and grays, which brings us to our next trend of note.

    Personalization with a Capital “P”

    elements kitchens reading

    “Today’s and tomorrow’s innovative kitchen designs are all about making a personal statement of how you feel about the heart of your home and how you want to use it,” says Phil Kean.

    Personalization is a hot trend that makes finding a design expert you can work with key to getting the results you want. From color and contrast and mixing the latest smart appliances and fixtures with alluring natural materials like rich woods and stone, to lighting that takes center stage or illuminates with subtle grace, putting it altogether in a kitchen design that says “this is ours alone” takes a master’s touch. Working with custom kitchen designers like Phil Kean and his team, who go above-and-beyond to bring homeowners’ personal vision to life, lets you access an incredible array of the latest design collections. That extra layer of customization can make all the difference in your new custom kitchen design or kitchen remodel.

    All Eyes Are on Islands

    bath art orlando

    If there’s one kitchen design trend for 2018 that’s front and center, it’s multi-function islands. With the rise of the gourmet home chef megatrend, having your new kitchen designed to your very own tastes, cooking habits and socializing style means focusing on making the most of what an island design can do for the look of your kitchen as well as its functionality. The hot trends in 2018 range from islands that feature appliances you can program from your smart phone to seating that brings your guests into the picture with a cozy feeling of inclusive warmth. Different island shapes are also in demand and wrap-around seating gaining popularity.

    Smart Appliances, and Lots of Them

    new trends in kitchen design


    Customizable, couture smart appliance collections that you and your custom kitchen designer can coordinate to maximize visual impact and ease of use is what it’s all about. We’re talking smart appliances featuring designer metals, colors and textures or appliances that disappear from view altogether. “The design options are really broad this year,” exclaims Kean.

    Multiple ovens have also appeared as a top trend, and where you place them will be key. This where having a personal kitchen design team like the pros at Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath is vital in the making the best choices for you.

    Luxe Lighting

    high end kitchen concepts

    Custom decorative fixtures, pendant lights with jewel-tone pops of color, task lighting with pizzazz, recessed lighting from whole walls of transparent shelves to contained showcases for sculptures and the like—lighting continues to shine as a top trend in kitchen design.

    “Layered lighting continues to be a kitchen design trend that will give your kitchen an undeniably personalized ambience, whether you’re going for warm and sociable or a refreshingly sleek, inviting artistic vibe,” states Phil Kean. Our exclusive lighting collections allow us to create stunning kitchen designs, like the one above from our recent New American Home Remodel that took top kitchen design honors in 2017.

    Unique Fixtures, Backsplashes and Countertops

    copper top kitchen island

    One of our favorite kitchen design trends in 2018 is the growing use of gorgeous sustainable woods, natural stones and other green materials that can give backsplashes, countertops and flooring an exciting presence and pop. That happens to be a trend that Phil Kean and our design group have brought to the forefront in recent years.

    Full-wall black splashes are also in demand right now—the more luxe the materials, the grander the impact. And don’t forget fixtures, hardware, sinks and faucets. Gorgeous shapes, materials and smart features are making these one-time workhorse elements into show stoppers in their own rights.

    For more information about custom kitchen design trends in 2018 contact Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath to schedule your private consultation.


  12. Master Custom Builder Feature – Summer 2017

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    Phil Kean Kitchens and Bath, LLC (PKKB) was established to offer homeowners, designers and builders the high-end, modern cabinetry and contemporary kitchen and bath products that are used in most Phil Kean signature homes. In addition to these products, PKKB offers kitchen and bath design and design/build services for custom projects and renovations.

    What Makes Phil Kean Kitchens and Bath’s Services Unique?

    Phil’s intention was to provide a local source for those desiring fresh kitchen and bath design interpretation, current products for contemporary living, and a commitment to design excellence. Created from Phil’s point of view as an architect and interior designer, PKKB’s entire process is design-driven.

    Unique to PKKB, clients meet with an architect and/or interior designer for their initial consultation. As a project progresses, the architect or designer oversees the development of the project by working in tandem with a PKKB kitchen designer. This design-driven process is key for consistently creating the award-winning, one-of-a kind spaces for which Phil Kean Design Group is so well known.

    Phil personally hand-selected a collection of quality modern and contemporary products for the PKKB Design Center. These products complement the streamlined and functional designs he creates. PKKB is happy to offer these high-design elements to local homeowners, builders and designers to elevate their kitchen and bath spaces. From clean-lined cabinets to hide-and-peek storage, unique wine systems and closets, architectural plumbing fixtures, appliances, countertops and hard surfaces, decorative hardware, mirrors, architectural detailing and much more, PKKB is your resource for luxury modern, contemporary and transitional kitchen and bath needs.

    The PKKB Design Center offers a comfortable state of the art showroom where clients can experience, feel and touch these specialized products. Utilizing a large community table, the showroom serves as a perfect space to roll out project floor plans and for the homeowners, architects, designers and builders to collaborate to create exceptional, one-of-a-kind, award winning spaces.