Kitchen Design: The Designer’s Eye Sees More
Sep ‘18

Kitchen Design: The Designer’s Eye Sees More

When it comes to visualizing a stunning new or renovated kitchen design, the designer’s eye sees what the untrained eye cannot. Where there is antiquated cabinetry, a kitchen designer sees open shelving primed for meticulous styling. With a glance, a walled-off room becomes an open-concept area, complete with an island for additional counter space.

As Phil Kean Kitchens leader and acclaimed architect, Phil Kean, says, “With our practiced designer’s eye and top-level tech, we can show our clients walls coming down, the impact of new flooring, cabinets appearing, what happens when indoor/outdoor cooking areas are added, and so much more.”

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“If you’re ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, hiring a pro can ease the process…and be well worth the investment.” – Houzz, “How to Work with a Kitchen Designer”

Choosing a kitchen designer who “sees” your personal vision is key to getting the kitchen you want. That’s the concept at the core of our mission and philosophy. As Phil puts it, “Our strength is that each design is about our clients’ vision.  We go over their inspiration resources and budget and learn about their lives, loves, and families. Our designer’s eye translates their one-of-a-kind vision into a truly personalized kitchen design.”

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Your new kitchen should not only fit your lifestyle but also reflect it, whether you’re an epicure cooking up new recipes each week or a casual cook with a penchant for entertaining. To gather inspiration for your new kitchen’s design, look into resources like Home & Design, where you can explore international kitchens created by top designers. Architectural Digest’s “Kitchen Renovations from the World’s Top Designers” also offers an impressive array of possibilities, from gold-leaf islands to farmhouse design details.

You can also search for inspiration within the portfolio of your top kitchen designer choice. In our portfolio, for example, you will find our expertise in creating kitchen designs that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is a trend we spearheaded well over a decade ago and one that has earned us countless awards and accolades.

When you’ve got a good idea of where you want to go with your kitchen design, it’s time to bring it to life. And that takes us to one of the most critical steps in the design process—the kitchen design consultation.


Every kitchen design project starts with a plan, but before that plan can be formulated, you’ll need a partner you can trust. The initial consultation phase of kitchen design or renovations serves as an opportunity to get to know your architect and determine if your personality, your space and your ideas are a good match for your selected designer.

As Phil Kean says, “The complimentary kitchen design consultation at our showroom is as exciting for us, the design professionals, as it is for our potential clients. It’s where our designer’s eye meets their one-of-a-kind vision for the kitchen they hope to make a reality. We have a reputation for forming long-term personal relationships that begin with that first kitchen design consultation and go on long after clients are enjoying the completed design in their homes.”

Ready to begin your kitchen design process? For more information about custom kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchens to schedule your private consultation.