Master Custom Builder Feature - Summer 2017 | Orlando Design
Jun ‘17

Master Custom Builder Feature – Summer 2017

Phil Kean Kitchens and Bath, LLC (PKKB) was established to offer homeowners, designers and builders the high-end, modern cabinetry and contemporary kitchen and bath products that are used in most Phil Kean signature homes. In addition to these products, PKKB offers kitchen and bath design and design/build services for custom projects and renovations.

What Makes Phil Kean Kitchens and Bath’s Services Unique?

Phil’s intention was to provide a local source for those desiring fresh kitchen and bath design interpretation, current products for contemporary living, and a commitment to design excellence. Created from Phil’s point of view as an architect and interior designer, PKKB’s entire process is design-driven.

Unique to PKKB, clients meet with an architect and/or interior designer for their initial consultation. As a project progresses, the architect or designer oversees the development of the project by working in tandem with a PKKB kitchen designer. This design-driven process is key for consistently creating the award-winning, one-of-a kind spaces for which Phil Kean Design Group is so well known.

Phil personally hand-selected a collection of quality modern and contemporary products for the PKKB Design Center. These products complement the streamlined and functional designs he creates. PKKB is happy to offer these high-design elements to local homeowners, builders and designers to elevate their kitchen and bath spaces. From clean-lined cabinets to hide-and-peek storage, unique wine systems and closets, architectural plumbing fixtures, appliances, countertops and hard surfaces, decorative hardware, mirrors, architectural detailing and much more, PKKB is your resource for luxury modern, contemporary and transitional kitchen and bath needs.

The PKKB Design Center offers a comfortable state of the art showroom where clients can experience, feel and touch these specialized products. Utilizing a large community table, the showroom serves as a perfect space to roll out project floor plans and for the homeowners, architects, designers and builders to collaborate to create exceptional, one-of-a-kind, award winning spaces.