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  1. How to Design the Perfect Luxury Kitchen

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    A luxury kitchen incorporates the often associated expansive spaces and clean lines of modern home design. However, luxury is not only about style—it is also about ease of use.

    how to design the perfect luxury kitchen

    The kitchen should be one of the most useful spaces in your home, helping you to cook, entertain, and dine without stress or complication. So, what does that mean and how is it accomplished?

    A stress-free, luxury kitchen should require the minimum number of steps to complete the tasks that you perform most. Your morning coffee, for example, should not take you back and forth from one side of the kitchen to the other.

    In modern kitchen design, luxury seamlessly meets purpose in what we call “zones of function.” The goal of these zones is to allow for a luxury design while also ensuring that your kitchen tasks remain pleasant and simple.

    Defining the most important zones

    Luxury kitchen design is not a certain layout or a repeatable design. The concept of luxury kitchen design within modern home design is that each kitchen should be completely customized and function according to the people who are using it most.

    To begin your luxury kitchen design, the zones of function that are most important to you must be defined. Take a look at your current kitchen routines.

    What activities do you do the most?

    What tasks annoy you?

    What do you wish your kitchen could do that it currently does not?

    If you drink coffee every morning, everything you need to make that coffee should be in one place. If you wish you could prepare healthier meals, your prep station should have easy access to a cutting board, sink, and be close to the stove. If you love wine, your wine storage should be accessible from the entertainment area, not placed in some obscure and hidden part of the kitchen.

    By considering your current and desired use of your kitchen, you can define the “zones” important to you. Once you’ve done that, an appropriate design of the kitchen’s spaces according to those zones should develop naturally.

    Designing each zone of your luxury kitchen

    When you know your most important zones of function, you then have to look at each zone in greater detail.

    What appliances are useful in this zone?

    How many utensils are required and how should they be stored for easy access?

    Does this zone need to overlap with another to maximize efficiency?

    Usually, high-use appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, stove, and dishwasher will act as links between zones because they are used for multiple kitchen tasks. Depending on the zones of function you have designated as the most important, it may make sense to repeat kitchen features, such as having a second sink or an island cooktop to help optimize preparation or a second dishwasher to aid in cleanup.

    luxury kitchen zones 2022

    Defining the zones is the easy part. Designing the details gets a bit more complicated. That’s why we recommend working with an experienced kitchen designer who can take those zones of function and turn them into a cohesive workspace that is beautifully designed.

    Seamlessly moving between zones

    Different zones of function do not mean the zones are visually identifiable from one another. In fact, they should be invisible. The zones exist in their function, not in their appearance. Each area of your kitchen should overlap and melt together to create one complete space of luxury, style, and purpose.

    When designed well, zones of function will flow together naturally. With creative storage and a consistent style, each area of the kitchen can feed into the next, running uninterrupted from end to end.

    Our talented designers are experts in creating seamless zones of function for our clients, spaces that are not only beautiful to behold, but also beautiful to live in.

    Contact us today to create your perfect luxury kitchen!

  2. Kitchen Design Awards 2021: Gold Taken by Phil Kean Kitchens

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    Phil Kean Kitchens Wins Gold


    Phil Kean Kitchens received the 2021 Gold Kitchen Design Award from Kitchen & Bath Design News in their category “Kitchens over $225,000”! See photos of the modern kitchen design below and read how our talented design team created this beautiful kitchen using a combination of multiple colors and textures here: Kitchen and Bath Design News’ 2021 Best Kitchens over $225K!

    Congratulations to the team members who include Senior Kitchen Designer, Todd Atkins along with Architect, Phil Kean and Interior Designer, Keri Ferguson (all of Phil Kean Design Group)!

    best modern kitchen over 225K

    modern kitchen design 2022

    modern kitchens design 2022

    modern kitchen patio 2022
    Photos by Uneek Image

    The team members on this award-winning project include Todd Atkins, Senior Kitchen Designer; Phil Kean, Architect; and Keri Ferguson, Interior Designer, all of Phil Kean Design Group. The team’s objective was to demonstrate how the space could be beautifully designed using a combination of multiple colors and textures.

    Cabinets from Plato Woodwork’ INOVAE Classic line are used in contrasting colors of walnut, creamy whites, dark carbon, sparkling champagne and reflective glass in gray. A traditional walnut finish is showcased on the 10′ illuminated walnut hutch, which includes glass-front doors that highlight the contents. Walnut is also used in a chevron pattern on the island cabinetry, interior cabinetry in the TV niche, and custom hood built using a Panasonic 36″ range hood.

    The kitchen also features a range of interior storage options, including peg boards, spice racks, utensil dividers and roll-outs. Specialty spaces including a coffee bar and TV niche can be closed off and hidden behind their retractable bi-fold doors.

    Modo cabinet hardware from Schaub & Company adds a touch of gold, along with the Kohler Crue Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. The faucet is paired with Kohler’s Prolific Undermount Sink.

    The Signature Kitchen Suite appliances deliver luxury built-in cooking and refrigeration options. Included are: 48″ Dual-Fuel Range with Sous Vide and Induction, 30″ Double Wall Oven with Steam-Combi and Microwave Oven Drawer, all in stainless steel, as well as 30″ Integrated Panel-Ready Column Refrigerator and Freezer units, and Quadwash Panel-Ready Dishwasher.

    To contrast the Engineered Natural Walnut flooring, the designers used a bright white Viatera Quartz from LG Hausys for both the countertops and the backsplash. Idril Sconces in brushed nickel, as well as the Loop Linear fixture in brushed aluminum above the island – all from Kichler – provide illumination.

    See the full article here Kitchen Design Award Winners 2021.


  3. Modern Kitchen Design: Cabinets, Pantries & Appliances

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    Modern kitchen design ties together high design, top-of-the-line appliances and finishes, and functionality.  Modern design considers both small design details as well as the “bigger picture” integrations. 

    With thoughtful, custom designs for cabinets, pantries, and overall flow, we’re able to create, remodel, and rebuild kitchens that achieve peak luxury and the highest levels of functionality. 

    Textured, Colored Cabinetry 

    Cabinets should serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in a luxury modern kitchen.

    Contemporary cabinets offer high gloss, matte or textured finishes to accentuate a kitchen’s design. Frameless cabinets emphasize straight, clean lines; dark-wood paneled cabinets offer warmth and texture; and straight or beveled shaker cabinet doors add a touch of detail. 

    Choose a black or charcoal cabinet to create a sexy statement, a pop of color for whimsy, or stick to a matte or glossy white to keep your kitchen bright and airy.

    modern kitchen design black

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets 

    Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a popular design element used in many luxury kitchens. Not only do they offer thoughtful functionality by providing more room for kitchen storage, but they also help to elongate your kitchen, drawing the eye upward and making the room appear larger and more open. For a seamless design, choose a push-to-open latch system for your cabinetry or add a touch of detail with unique handles. 

    modern two toned kitchen

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Modern Kitchen Design: A Nod to Industrial Style 

    Modern kitchen designs include mixing all sorts of styles and influences. Industrial influences are especially prevalent in modern luxury kitchens this year. While there’s a strong focus on clean lines and a modern aesthetic when it comes to luxury kitchens, it’s the industrial finishes that help bring life to this trend. By including bricks, concrete, glass, pewter, steel, and other types of materials used in industrial spaces, a fine balance between industrial and modern elements provides the ultimate luxury kitchen. 

    modern kitchen design white

    Photo © Stephen Allen, All Rights Reserved

    Integrated Kitchen Appliances

    Appliances that are integrated into the flow of your modern kitchen design are a key feature of a luxury kitchen in 2020. Seamless integration of appliances like ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators within your walls and cabinetry as well as cooktops and outlets into your countertop is a necessity for a modern kitchen design. 

    nyumbani golden oak modern kitchen design

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Statement Pantries 

    A modern pantry as an integrated part of your design creates a space in your luxury kitchen that brings together functionality as well as aesthetic harmony. Incorporating a touch-to-open pantry can create functional storage space in your kitchen while speaking to the modern design all at once. 

    Accessing Natural Lighting 

    Large, windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a modern aesthetic in a modern kitchen design, but more than that, they offer functionality in the form of added natural light. Designing a kitchen with ample natural light allows your luxurious space to appear larger and brighter.  Windows traditionally act as a border between us and the outside world, but with glass walls and modern window design, we merge the function of window and wall while blurring the border between the views of nature outdoors and luxurious indoor space. 

    modern kitchen countertops

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    If you enjoyed our article discussing the latest trends in luxury kitchen design and remodeling in 2020, we invite you to also enjoy exploring our archive of articles that delve into even more contemporary design and detail. Please also view our portfolio that offers glimpses of previous luxury kitchens and modern design projects. 

  4. Modern Kitchen Trends of 2020

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    As we ring in the new year, we proudly welcome stunning new modern kitchen trends hitting the luxury home landscape. This year at Phil Kean Kitchens, nothing excites us more than focusing our efforts on the concept of charming transitional kitchens, or rather, kitchens that place functionality, luxury, and ingenuity at the core of their design plan.

    Transitional kitchens are hard to pin down, but that is part of their genius. This modern kitchen trend is focused on several vital pieces of the kitchen design puzzle. A kitchen in a luxury home is modern, it’s sleek, it’s functional, and it’s eclectic.

    Kitchen design this decade will focus on a myriad of new trends—mixing materials, creating functional and unique spaces, optimizing appliances, and utilizing space in new, intentional, and innovative ways. Below are a few of the most prominent kitchen designs that you, as a luxury homeowner, should be aware of in this new year.

    transitional kitchen 202

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    workspace kitchens 2020

    Photo Credit: Uneek ImageUneek Image

    Workspaces In The Kitchen

    When you think of a luxury kitchen, your mind probably wanders to backsplashes, the appliances, the cabinets and an overall modern kitchen layout. It’s highly likely that you aren’t immediately going to associate modern, innovative workplaces within the kitchen. But this decade, that’s what a luxurious kitchen centers around. Modern kitchens will consider how walkways and doorways and overall layout will affect and shape optimal workflow within the kitchen environment. Think open spaces, smart uses of the square feet that make up the room, and minimalistic innovations that don’t just express your personal taste of luxury, but also put a modern twist on a beloved room that’s so much more than a place to prepare food.

    modern kitchen island 2020

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    More Modern Kitchen Layouts

    The kitchen is, undoubtedly, the core of the home. It’s the heartbeat of your entire household, a place where the family gathers, a room that’s punctuated with daily routines, chores and more. It’s only natural that a modern, 2020 kitchen layout will emphasize a focus on optimal space utilization and a layout that makes room for the best possible flow for your daily life. Kitchen layouts this year will unmistakably focus on large, open areas; integrated appliances within cabinets and countertops; expertly placed lighting; and more usable space than ever.

    modern kitchen efficient appliances

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Energy-Efficient Appliances

    A luxury kitchen in this new year will focus on design, functionality and energy efficiency—and of course, this applies to the appliances that are integral to a kitchen’s everyday function. A primary characteristic of a transitional, 2020-trending luxury kitchen will be its ability to seamlessly integrate the appliances into the design. By this, we mean flawless fit, sleek lines, and more than anything, an exquisite and inconspicuous presence of your appliances built-in to your modern kitchen.

    In conclusion, as we begin this new decade of style, architecture and the latest trends in kitchen design, a modern, luxury kitchen will gravitate toward a multi-functional, purposeful design that optimizes functionality and ingenuity, all while creating a space you and your family will want to spend time enjoying.

    At Phil Kean Kitchens, our priority is to help you mindfully craft a luxury modern kitchen space that expresses your unique style and taste – to elevate, inspire, and bring your home to new heights.

    If you have questions or would like to speak to the Phil Kean Kitchens’ office about your upcoming kitchen remodel or design, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


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  5. 4 Top Kitchen Trends We’ll See Everywhere In 2020

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    4 Top Kitchen Trends We’ll See Everywhere In 2020

    Beautiful residences increasingly feature a stunning kitchen design at their core, and for good reason. 

    New kitchen trends are turning them into even more stunning and welcoming places. They stand out in their aesthetics while simultaneously drawing you in with their warmth.

    Building a luxury home or renovating your current kitchen to further elevate it? Consider incorporating these luxury, modern kitchen trends. You’re bound to see them everywhere heading into 2020:

    1. Connections With Nature
    2. Textural Intrigue
    3. Seamless Appliance Integration
    4. Technology-Driven Kitchens

    >Connections with Nature

    outdoor kitchen trends

    Firstly, kitchens are being designed to incorporate natural elements. No, we’re not referring to an outdoor kitchen—although they are fantastic, and we highly recommend them for your luxury residence. Instead, we’re highlighting the trend of using natural materials—namely, wood—in your kitchen.

    Bringing nature into your kitchen not only forms a connection with the beauty of the outdoors. It also creates a rich, calming environment. It is elegant, welcoming, organic and modern!

    >Textural Intrigue

    2020 kitchen trend live edge wood

    Next, gone are the days of kitchen monotony and textural uniformity.

    As a result, a new trend in kitchens has emerged: textural diversity. Mixing various textures into your kitchen, like using live edge wood to contrast a smooth, polished marble, achieves both a visual and textural intrigue. Imagine the excitement such uniqueness creates not only in your guests, but in you each and every time you visit your lovely, texturally stimulating kitchen!

    >Seamless Appliance Integration

    Next, one of the primary characteristics of a luxury kitchen is the seamless integration of appliances into the design. Cooktops, for example, flawlessly fit into countertops for an exquisite, professional look. Simply eliminate the conspicuous and often intrusive presence of traditional appliances. As a result, this elevates your kitchen to the upper echelons of modern luxury.

    >Technology-Driven Kitchens

    technology driven kitchens 2020

    Lastly, home technology has taken first-class residences by storm, and kitchen designs are no exception. As such, utilizing modern innovation to increase the convenience and efficiency of the kitchen is one of the top trends of 2020.

    Imagine your morning latte being prepared for you first thing in the morning without having to press a single button. Now, controlling your appliances with an app on your phone or the sound of your voice is reality. Incorporate technology into your kitchen ideas for 2020! 

    In conclusion, the kitchen is the heart of your home. We can help you make it stand out. So, if you are building a new luxury residence or remodeling your current home, consider Phil Kean Kitchens, renowned for its exceptional, cutting-edge designs that are sure to elevate your kitchen and your home to new heights.

    If you have questions or would like to speak with from the Phil Kean Kitchens office, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch. 


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    Kitchen Tech Trends: We’re Not Far from “Alexa, Cook Me Dinner!”

  6. Luxury Kitchen Designs Are Elevated in These 3 Ways

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    When you hear the words “luxury kitchen”, several images likely come to mind in an attempt to define it. Perhaps you immediately think of gourmet appliances, quality cabinets, quartz countertops, or even cutting-edge technology integrated into the design. Each element of the space complements the next.

    Chances are, each time we define “luxury”–how it looks, feels and smells, we conjure up another magical image that encapsulates an oasis of comfort, style and taste – and each shares a commonality–they are custom designed and custom built.

    Here are the three ways custom design transforms your luxury kitchen into a wholly luxurious space that invites you to cook, entertain and unwind.

    An Uninterrupted Kitchen Floorplan

    luxury kitchen remodel

    Building a custom luxury kitchen gives you creative control over its layout, helping it integrate flawlessly into your daily routine and the rest of your home. By establishing an uninterrupted flow, you tie your home together in a way that a standard kitchen does not. A customized kitchen plan maximizes efficiencies and improves your day-to-day life dramatically.

    Custom kitchen design provides you the opportunity to choose a floor-plan that facilitates your intended kitchen usage so that your home serves you and your lifestyle as it should.

    If, for example, you know that you will use your kitchen as a gathering place during social events, you can work with your designer to build an open design concept that doesn’t feel crowded and encourages mingling between those in the kitchen and adjacent living areas.

    Kitchen Design Elements as Parts of a Whole

    custom kitchens orlando

    Luxury design is a subtle art, the elements in your kitchen (and your home) must play together in a symphony of accents, melodies and undertones. The kitchen itself holds the power to breathe life into all other aspects of your home, and keeping those artful accents in mind (and especially how they interact with each other) while designing your kitchen is imperative.

    The sheer number of options available to you when building a first class kitchen is exhilarating. Consider the varieties of wood from which your completely custom cabinetry can be made, the nuanced countertop materials from which to choose, and the light fixtures you can select to bathe it all in the soft glow of home. And all of these choices are at your fingertips, ready to come together to create your perfect kitchen!

    In summary, a well-designed custom luxury kitchen works seamlessly with itself, each piece with the other to form a cohesive sui generis ensemble. This allows the kitchen to compliment and enhance the rest of the home, and all of it to flawlessly align with, and express – your unique vogue.

    Owning Your Unique Kitchen Design

    custom luxury kitchen phil kean kitchens

    Speaking of tastes, constructing a custom kitchen allows you to express your unique aesthetics and prioritize what is important to you – something that a baseline kitchen design will not allow you to do. This is one of the primary advantages of investing in a luxury kitchen.

    Your kitchen can finally become the space where you can really decompress with a glass of your favorite wine, or maybe you’ll even be inspired to break out the ingredients and try that new recipe alongside your cooking show. Not to mention the early morning cup of coffee is always better when you’re bathed in a magnificent space of your own design! The environment and design of a luxury kitchen can elevate these experiences.

    And as you can imagine, every time you see the exquisite materials you’ve chosen, artfully and masterfully placed, and the superb quality of each hand-selected furniture piece, you’ll feel more at home, more comfortable and more blissful than ever before!

    It takes an exceptional designer to take something from idea to concept to luxurious livable space. Phil Kean Kitchens produces the créme of kitchen designs, making them the premiere choice for custom kitchens in central Florida. From layouts that perfectly flow into the rest of your home’s interior to quality products and excellent customer service, every minute detail receives the utmost attention when Phil Kean Kitchens is involved!

    If you would like to speak with Phil Kean Kitchens, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch!


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  7. The ABC’s of Custom Kitchen Design

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    Envisioning Your Kitchen Concept from Design to Delight

    With luxe design trends constantly evolving and smart appliances getting smarter every day, today’s custom kitchen design choices are dizzying! That’s why you’ll really appreciate the custom kitchen design experts and curated kitchen design collections at Phil Kean Kitchens.

    As Phil Kean says, “From hot TV shows to iconic design magazines to the trendiest online showcases, you’re bound to find an overload of kitchen concept ideas you love out there. Our strength is helping you simplify that into a custom kitchen design that truly reflects you, your lifestyle and your personal vision.” 

    As Better Homes & Gardens makes clear in Create a Design That’s Tailored to You, “The kitchen is the most expensive and challenging room to build or remodel. But it’s where everything happens—so it’s important…to make smart design decisions.”

    At Phil Kean Kitchens, we want to help you relax and enjoy the kitchen concept planning process, so here are some ABCs to consider for a custom kitchen design that delights!

    A: Architecture, Aesthetics, Activities

    First, consider how the architectural bones of your home influence the kitchen concept you envision. It’s going to determine many of your other choices.

    “At Phil Kean Kitchens, we’ve designed personalized kitchen concepts that range from ultra-contemporary to traditional to mid-century modern and more. Whether we’re doing a custom build or a custom remodel, we always start with the architectural style and our client’s personal vision to create a design that’s one of a kind,” states Phil Kean.

    To expand your custom kitchen design inspiration base, check out the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  You can browse through custom kitchens representing lots of architectural styles. Their categories also include “Eclectic,” “Beach” and “Glam” so it’s a fun place for fresh design inspiration.

    Southern Living’s 110 Beautiful Kitchens…Unlock the Recipes will also give you endless design inspiration for all kinds of architectural styles and kitchen concepts. You’ll find a zillion kitchen concept planning tips to inspire and delight.

    frankfurt kitchen plan

    Next, what activities go on in your kitchen? Is your kitchen concept planned around all the entertaining you do, family activities or an unstoppable gourmet chef’s passion for cooking? Picturing activities and architecture will help you envision aesthetics.

    Pops of color, natural stones, gorgeous sustainable woods, amazing new smart appliances in unusual finishes, gorgeous lighting, artistically crafted fixtures, cook tops, storage solutions—so many design choices will need to be made!

    Partnering with custom kitchen design experts that also have a showroom of curated kitchen design collections can really save your sanity. Hello, Phil Kean Kitchens!

    B: Beauty and the Basics

    Some basics, like kitchen space design, may not be glamorous, but they are utterly essential.  As articles in Better Homes & Gardens or HGTV’s Developing a Functional Kitchen Floor Plan point out, “A kitchen might have the most beautiful cabinets, technologically advanced appliances and high-end finishes, but if the layout doesn’t meet the needs of a homeowner’s lifestyle, the rest doesn’t matter.

    Phil Kean reiterates, “How a kitchen needs to function is an extremely personal matter, and kitchen space design needs to be customized to reflect that.”

    Importantly, kitchen space design, including electrical and plumbing placement, will be required to meet strictly enforced building codes—another reason working with a trusted professional is a great idea.

    custom kitchen design

    Now for the fun part! It’s time to decide on “basics” like appliances, designer plumbing fixtures, countertop materials, lighting styles and placement, seating arrangements, flooring materials, kitchen island design and function, and of course storage solutions. These are all functional elements of your dream kitchen’s design.

    Deciding whether your kitchen concept should also include the extension of an outdoor grilling and entertaining area to complement your indoor kitchen is where the “basics” turn into the creative choices you’ll love to make!

    copper trend

    C: Customization Means Creative Collaboration

    Phil Kean is happy to say that, “Our collections for kitchen and bath design are curated from the best of the best around the world. When we listen to our customers envision their personalized dream kitchens, we want to be able to walk through the showroom and let them see and touch and choose elements to bring that vision to life.”

    You want your custom kitchen design concept and its reality to be a clear and unique expression of your unique style, personality and aesthetics.  When you make the decision to design a kitchen concept for real, it’s a comfort and a joy to work with seasoned design professionals that have a great reputation, both as people and as architectural and original kitchen design experts.

    Delight in the Reality of the Custom Kitchen Design You Envisioned

    Why not schedule a complimentary consultation with Phil Kean Kitchens?  Our award-winning kitchen designers will work with you to transform a somewhat daunting and overwhelming creative process into a comfortable creative collaboration that works.

    “There’s no design inspiration so powerful as the personal conversations with our clients where we truly listen, learn, and explore their kitchen design concept with them,” states Phil Kean. “It’s easy to see the beautiful realization of that process in the kitchens pictured in our extensive design portfolio. Delighting our clients is the very best part of what we do.”

  8. Kitchen Design: The Designer’s Eye Sees More

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    When it comes to visualizing a stunning new or renovated kitchen design, the designer’s eye sees what the untrained eye cannot. Where there is antiquated cabinetry, a kitchen designer sees open shelving primed for meticulous styling. With a glance, a walled-off room becomes an open-concept area, complete with an island for additional counter space.

    As Phil Kean Kitchens leader and acclaimed architect, Phil Kean, says, “With our practiced designer’s eye and top-level tech, we can show our clients walls coming down, the impact of new flooring, cabinets appearing, what happens when indoor/outdoor cooking areas are added, and so much more.”

    trendy kitchens


    “If you’re ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, hiring a pro can ease the process…and be well worth the investment.” – Houzz, “How to Work with a Kitchen Designer”

    Choosing a kitchen designer who “sees” your personal vision is key to getting the kitchen you want. That’s the concept at the core of our mission and philosophy. As Phil puts it, “Our strength is that each design is about our clients’ vision.  We go over their inspiration resources and budget and learn about their lives, loves, and families. Our designer’s eye translates their one-of-a-kind vision into a truly personalized kitchen design.”

    white copper kitchen


    Your new kitchen should not only fit your lifestyle but also reflect it, whether you’re an epicure cooking up new recipes each week or a casual cook with a penchant for entertaining. To gather inspiration for your new kitchen’s design, look into resources like Home & Design, where you can explore international kitchens created by top designers. Architectural Digest’s “Kitchen Renovations from the World’s Top Designers” also offers an impressive array of possibilities, from gold-leaf islands to farmhouse design details.

    You can also search for inspiration within the portfolio of your top kitchen designer choice. In our portfolio, for example, you will find our expertise in creating kitchen designs that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is a trend we spearheaded well over a decade ago and one that has earned us countless awards and accolades.

    When you’ve got a good idea of where you want to go with your kitchen design, it’s time to bring it to life. And that takes us to one of the most critical steps in the design process—the kitchen design consultation.


    Every kitchen design project starts with a plan, but before that plan can be formulated, you’ll need a partner you can trust. The initial consultation phase of kitchen design or renovations serves as an opportunity to get to know your architect and determine if your personality, your space and your ideas are a good match for your selected designer.

    As Phil Kean says, “The complimentary kitchen design consultation at our showroom is as exciting for us, the design professionals, as it is for our potential clients. It’s where our designer’s eye meets their one-of-a-kind vision for the kitchen they hope to make a reality. We have a reputation for forming long-term personal relationships that begin with that first kitchen design consultation and go on long after clients are enjoying the completed design in their homes.”

    Ready to begin your kitchen design process? For more information about custom kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchens to schedule your private consultation.

  9. The History of Kitchen Design Elements and a Look Ahead

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    Today’s stunning contemporary kitchens demonstrate the best of the best in time-honored kitchen design elements, as well as the most cutting edge smart technology and more. As Phil Kean says, “The evolution of kitchen design through the decades gives our clients a remarkable range of evolved design elements from which to craft their personal contemporary kitchen. Each period is inspirational in its own right.” Here is a look at how we got to the here-and-now as modern kitchen design evolved over the decades.


    Imagine cooking with no electricity and no running water. Kitchens of centuries past involved a great deal of physical labor in order to even start the cooking process! Yet design elements from medieval, old world kitchens and pre-industrial age kitchens, like antiqued woods, metals and natural stone, still have a place in today’s forward-thinking kitchen designs.
    According to LuxPad, “Cooking in the Middle Ages was, like today, a sociable and communal affair. As the only source of light and heat, all activity revolved around a central fire.” Tables and seating were a part of cooking and family life even then.

    However, that changed as increasing travel brought new cuisines into the picture. For the wealthy that meant separate kitchens to support lavish feasts. For working families, the kitchen also became separate and primarily functional. “It was a sign of poor hospitality for any sounds or smells from the kitchen to permeate the rest of the house.” Thank goodness for the Industrial Revolution!


    By the early 1900s, household electricity and running water were the norm. Industrialization brought the evolution of kitchen design to a new era. Factories mass-produced fixtures, ever-more modern appliances, cabinetry, lighting and storage units, and gas stoves were introduced.

    In the 1920s, the kitchen design hit a new high. An Austrian architect, Margarete Shutte-Lihotzy, revolutionized the Frankfurt Kitchen, a prototype for the modern kitchen introduced the “golden triangle” of cooker, fridge and sink placed for maximum efficiency. It was such a design innovation that in 2011 the Museum of Modern Art created an entire show around it. Through the 1940s these integrated cooking spaces dramatically influenced the course of kitchen evolution.


    In the 1950s, the modern kitchen design truly took off. New products such as laminates and linoleum hit the market. Paint color became a fashion statement. International design influences became more prevalent. However, one of the biggest movers and shakers behind modern kitchen design becoming all the rage, was perhaps the first pop culture celebrity chef, Julia Child. With an enormously popular TV show, gourmet cooking became a fast-spreading craze.

    Yet kitchens were still closed off rooms. The open plan kitchen, a concept by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was still rare in the 1950s, but many mark the ‘50s as the decade that paved the way for their rise to popularity.

    Phil Kean says that, “Contemporary kitchens, as well as much of the open and airy contemporary home designs of today, certainly must pay homage to the great influences of Frank Lloyd Wright and the advent of mid-century modern architecture.”

    lavish kitchens

    By the 1980s, open kitchen designs were the darlings of architects and their clients worldwide. From mass-produced family houses to the most luxe of custom home designs, the open kitchen plan was here to stay.

    Contemporary open kitchen styles have made the kitchen island a mainstay design element. Both stylish and functional, kitchen islands themselves have evolved to become a focal point for socializing and entertaining as well as truly establishing the contemporary kitchen as the heart of the home. Islands and peninsulas can define areas of the kitchen and delineate cooking zones with built in cooktops, sinks and prep stations for home chefs to show off their talents, as well as comfortable gathering places for conversation, dining and even homework.

    Additionally, Phil Kean and his design group have been leaders in extending the evolution of kitchen design that transitions from indoors to outdoors for a seamless experience that brings the evolution of kitchen design right into 2018 and beyond.


    For designing your own personalized custom kitchen evolution, whether to remodel a space or design a new custom home, you’ll want to visit our Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath showroom and explore our curated collections of kitchen lighting, flooring, smart appliances, stunning fixtures and so much more. Phil Kean says, “When it comes to helping our clients create a personalized kitchen that reflects their own tastes and styles, we’ve brought the best elements of design together in one place. And they’ll love the ease of working with our professional experts.”

    For more information about custom gourmet smart kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath LLC to schedule your private consultation.

  10. 6 Designer Kitchen Trends to Elevate Your Entire Home

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    International Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2018

    Innovative kitchen design is in high-demand these days. That’s easy to see and experience the moment you walk into the Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath showroom in Winter Park, Florida. You’ll find all the hottest 2018 kitchen design trends—from lighting and fixtures to gorgeous counters, cabinets and smart appliance collections—all just waiting to be incorporated into the kitchen design of your dreams.

    With exciting kitchen design trends showcased at the NAHB International Builders Show in Orlando in January, as well as chic, international trends for 2018 highlighted recently by House Beautiful UK and the kitchens lighting up America’s screens on HGTV, we’re seeing kitchen design that will make your mouth water! Here are a few of our favorites.

    Vibrant Color Is Back

    popular kitchen designs

    From pops of cobalt blue, a sizzling color in current kitchen design, to islands and walls that feature blocks of signature hues like nature-inspired pastels to bright accents in vivid shades, color is back and it’s very, very big. As Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio, emphasized in House Beautiful UK, “The use of color in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect homeowners’ personalities and their needs.”

    We’re seeing color used to create a gathering area within the larger space or draw the eye to specific features. Almost equally, metallics such as golds and bronzes are being used to further elevate the ever on-trend palettes of neutrals and grays, which brings us to our next trend of note.

    Personalization with a Capital “P”

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    “Today’s and tomorrow’s innovative kitchen designs are all about making a personal statement of how you feel about the heart of your home and how you want to use it,” says Phil Kean.

    Personalization is a hot trend that makes finding a design expert you can work with key to getting the results you want. From color and contrast and mixing the latest smart appliances and fixtures with alluring natural materials like rich woods and stone, to lighting that takes center stage or illuminates with subtle grace, putting it altogether in a kitchen design that says “this is ours alone” takes a master’s touch. Working with custom kitchen designers like Phil Kean and his team, who go above-and-beyond to bring homeowners’ personal vision to life, lets you access an incredible array of the latest design collections. That extra layer of customization can make all the difference in your new custom kitchen design or kitchen remodel.

    All Eyes Are on Islands

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    If there’s one kitchen design trend for 2018 that’s front and center, it’s multi-function islands. With the rise of the gourmet home chef megatrend, having your new kitchen designed to your very own tastes, cooking habits and socializing style means focusing on making the most of what an island design can do for the look of your kitchen as well as its functionality. The hot trends in 2018 range from islands that feature appliances you can program from your smart phone to seating that brings your guests into the picture with a cozy feeling of inclusive warmth. Different island shapes are also in demand and wrap-around seating gaining popularity.

    Smart Appliances, and Lots of Them

    new trends in kitchen design


    Customizable, couture smart appliance collections that you and your custom kitchen designer can coordinate to maximize visual impact and ease of use is what it’s all about. We’re talking smart appliances featuring designer metals, colors and textures or appliances that disappear from view altogether. “The design options are really broad this year,” exclaims Kean.

    Multiple ovens have also appeared as a top trend, and where you place them will be key. This where having a personal kitchen design team like the pros at Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath is vital in the making the best choices for you.

    Luxe Lighting

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    Custom decorative fixtures, pendant lights with jewel-tone pops of color, task lighting with pizzazz, recessed lighting from whole walls of transparent shelves to contained showcases for sculptures and the like—lighting continues to shine as a top trend in kitchen design.

    “Layered lighting continues to be a kitchen design trend that will give your kitchen an undeniably personalized ambience, whether you’re going for warm and sociable or a refreshingly sleek, inviting artistic vibe,” states Phil Kean. Our exclusive lighting collections allow us to create stunning kitchen designs, like the one above from our recent New American Home Remodel that took top kitchen design honors in 2017.

    Unique Fixtures, Backsplashes and Countertops

    copper top kitchen island

    One of our favorite kitchen design trends in 2018 is the growing use of gorgeous sustainable woods, natural stones and other green materials that can give backsplashes, countertops and flooring an exciting presence and pop. That happens to be a trend that Phil Kean and our design group have brought to the forefront in recent years.

    Full-wall black splashes are also in demand right now—the more luxe the materials, the grander the impact. And don’t forget fixtures, hardware, sinks and faucets. Gorgeous shapes, materials and smart features are making these one-time workhorse elements into show stoppers in their own rights.

    For more information about custom kitchen design trends in 2018 contact Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath to schedule your private consultation.