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  1. 5 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Your Custom Kitchen Design

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    While sleek cabinetry and countertops are often the focus of custom kitchen designs, another area of your space deserves a moment in the spotlight—your kitchen backsplash. A stunning, distinctive backsplash can transform a kitchen and elevate an already well-appointed design to new heights.

    From intricate patterns to statement-making large-format tile, the options are nearly endless when it comes to functional yet beautiful backsplashes. Keep reading for five of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas, as seen in some of our most memorable spaces, to inspire your next custom design or kitchen remodel.

    Make a Dramatic Statement with a Dark Marble Slab Backsplash

    From greenery and sunlight to natural stone, incorporating natural elements within a kitchen design warms up and softens a modern space. Marble in particular works well in kitchens and is one of our design team’s favorite materials to infuse into a space. This natural stone brings in an organic texture while adding a dramatic touch, especially when using slabs with dark veining.

    There are also a number of ways to include marble within a kitchen design. While a tiled marble backsplash is more common, opting for a seamless, custom-cut slab makes nearly any space look and feel more luxurious.

    Extend the Backsplash to the Kitchen’s Ceiling

    Standard backsplash height ranges between 15 and 18 inches, but when it comes to modern kitchen design, rules were meant to be broken. For a sophisticated yet unexpected touch, consider bringing your kitchen’s backsplash up the wall and to the ceiling.

    Drawing the eye upward, extending the backsplash creates the illusion of more vertical space, even if your kitchen has standard 8-foot ceilings. From subway tiles to marble slabs, this technique can be applied across a variety of materials whether you are dreaming of an all-white, ultra-modern kitchen or a Scandinavian space with warm wood accents.

    Create a Seamless Look from Countertops to Backsplash

    One of the simplest ways to create a cohesive look within a home is to adhere to a set palette of colors, materials or finishes. In a kitchen, this can be done by using the same material across your countertops and backsplash to unify the design and provide a timeless feel.

    The repetition of materials from countertop to backsplash builds a seamless flow from horizontal to vertical space. This design choice delivers truly spectacular effects and works for a variety of kitchen styles, from minimalist and modern, to traditional with a twist.

    Use Large-Format Tiles for a Grand Look

    While classic subway tiles or elaborate herringbone patterns top trend lists for kitchen design, we are partial to making a grander statement with large-format tiles. Minimizing grout lines for a clean and modern look, large-format tiles are a favorite and specialty amongst our team of custom kitchen designers. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns from white or gray to subtle charcoal veining, these tiles open up kitchen spaces and build the illusion of a larger room with their size.

    Due to their oversized nature, installing large-format tiles requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. However, the challenge yields stunning results that won’t go unnoticed.

    Pair Contrasting Tile Colors in Modern Design

    An unexpected backsplash adds interest to an otherwise neutral kitchen and even in an ultra-modern, minimalist design, there is still room to play with patterns. From asymmetrical arrangements to something a bit more intricate, a tiled backsplash can be used to introduce a unique pattern or focal point.

    Although tiled patterns can be a bold design move, adhering to a palette of two-to-three colors ensures the backsplash does not take away from the sophistication of the rest of the kitchen’s design. In fact, bringing in an element of surprise through pattern could be the finishing touch your kitchen needs to feel complete.

    In custom kitchen design, every square inch of space requires a high degree of attention and thought to maximize form and function. Beyond protecting your walls from splashes while cooking or cleaning, a beautiful backsplash complements finishes and completes a space. If you are planning a kitchen remodel or building your dream kitchen from scratch, give your backsplash the consideration it deserves to create a one-of-a-kind end-result.

    Still searching for kitchen inspiration? Explore more backsplash ideas and modern kitchen designs for your next project in our portfolio.

  2. Master Custom Builder Feature – Summer 2017

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    Phil Kean Kitchens and Bath, LLC (PKKB) was established to offer homeowners, designers and builders the high-end, modern cabinetry and contemporary kitchen and bath products that are used in most Phil Kean signature homes. In addition to these products, PKKB offers kitchen and bath design and design/build services for custom projects and renovations.

    What Makes Phil Kean Kitchens and Bath’s Services Unique?

    Phil’s intention was to provide a local source for those desiring fresh kitchen and bath design interpretation, current products for contemporary living, and a commitment to design excellence. Created from Phil’s point of view as an architect and interior designer, PKKB’s entire process is design-driven.

    Unique to PKKB, clients meet with an architect and/or interior designer for their initial consultation. As a project progresses, the architect or designer oversees the development of the project by working in tandem with a PKKB kitchen designer. This design-driven process is key for consistently creating the award-winning, one-of-a kind spaces for which Phil Kean Design Group is so well known.

    Phil personally hand-selected a collection of quality modern and contemporary products for the PKKB Design Center. These products complement the streamlined and functional designs he creates. PKKB is happy to offer these high-design elements to local homeowners, builders and designers to elevate their kitchen and bath spaces. From clean-lined cabinets to hide-and-peek storage, unique wine systems and closets, architectural plumbing fixtures, appliances, countertops and hard surfaces, decorative hardware, mirrors, architectural detailing and much more, PKKB is your resource for luxury modern, contemporary and transitional kitchen and bath needs.

    The PKKB Design Center offers a comfortable state of the art showroom where clients can experience, feel and touch these specialized products. Utilizing a large community table, the showroom serves as a perfect space to roll out project floor plans and for the homeowners, architects, designers and builders to collaborate to create exceptional, one-of-a-kind, award winning spaces.