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  1. Modern Kitchen Design: Cabinets, Pantries & Appliances

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    Modern kitchen design ties together high design, top-of-the-line appliances and finishes, and functionality.  Modern design considers both small design details as well as the “bigger picture” integrations. 

    With thoughtful, custom designs for cabinets, pantries, and overall flow, we’re able to create, remodel, and rebuild kitchens that achieve peak luxury and the highest levels of functionality. 

    Textured, Colored Cabinetry 

    Cabinets should serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in a luxury modern kitchen.

    Contemporary cabinets offer high gloss, matte or textured finishes to accentuate a kitchen’s design. Frameless cabinets emphasize straight, clean lines; dark-wood paneled cabinets offer warmth and texture; and straight or beveled shaker cabinet doors add a touch of detail. 

    Choose a black or charcoal cabinet to create a sexy statement, a pop of color for whimsy, or stick to a matte or glossy white to keep your kitchen bright and airy.

    modern kitchen design black

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets 

    Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a popular design element used in many luxury kitchens. Not only do they offer thoughtful functionality by providing more room for kitchen storage, but they also help to elongate your kitchen, drawing the eye upward and making the room appear larger and more open. For a seamless design, choose a push-to-open latch system for your cabinetry or add a touch of detail with unique handles. 

    modern two toned kitchen

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Modern Kitchen Design: A Nod to Industrial Style 

    Modern kitchen designs include mixing all sorts of styles and influences. Industrial influences are especially prevalent in modern luxury kitchens this year. While there’s a strong focus on clean lines and a modern aesthetic when it comes to luxury kitchens, it’s the industrial finishes that help bring life to this trend. By including bricks, concrete, glass, pewter, steel, and other types of materials used in industrial spaces, a fine balance between industrial and modern elements provides the ultimate luxury kitchen. 

    modern kitchen design white

    Photo © Stephen Allen, All Rights Reserved

    Integrated Kitchen Appliances

    Appliances that are integrated into the flow of your modern kitchen design are a key feature of a luxury kitchen in 2020. Seamless integration of appliances like ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators within your walls and cabinetry as well as cooktops and outlets into your countertop is a necessity for a modern kitchen design. 

    nyumbani golden oak modern kitchen design

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Statement Pantries 

    A modern pantry as an integrated part of your design creates a space in your luxury kitchen that brings together functionality as well as aesthetic harmony. Incorporating a touch-to-open pantry can create functional storage space in your kitchen while speaking to the modern design all at once. 

    Accessing Natural Lighting 

    Large, windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a modern aesthetic in a modern kitchen design, but more than that, they offer functionality in the form of added natural light. Designing a kitchen with ample natural light allows your luxurious space to appear larger and brighter.  Windows traditionally act as a border between us and the outside world, but with glass walls and modern window design, we merge the function of window and wall while blurring the border between the views of nature outdoors and luxurious indoor space. 

    modern kitchen countertops

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    If you enjoyed our article discussing the latest trends in luxury kitchen design and remodeling in 2020, we invite you to also enjoy exploring our archive of articles that delve into even more contemporary design and detail. Please also view our portfolio that offers glimpses of previous luxury kitchens and modern design projects. 

  2. Serving Up Smart Kitchens at the 2018 Orlando Parade of Homes

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    Stunningly Smart Kitchen Tech

    Smart kitchen technology is hot, gorgeous and here to stay. Naturally, the 2018 Greater Orlando Parade of Homes, which the Phil Kean Kitchens team is proud to be a part of, promises to be a wonderland of smart kitchens integrated into homes of every architectural style and description.

    To get a taste of what’s new in kitchen automation and extraordinary design, keep reading for our thoughts on the trend and how we’re infusing this couture smart kitchen tech into our custom kitchens.

    Smart Kitchens, A Super Trend

    colors that match copper

    At the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, smart kitchen technology was a must-see popular trend. Cooks Illustrated reported on the CES extravaganza of epicurean high-tech offerings, saying, “Appliance makers are betting big on technology. If they’re right, cooking is going to change!” There’s even an annual, international Smart Kitchen Summit with global expos each year. With new functions and new finishes—from rare metallic tones to bright colors or sleek new takes on classic neutrals—smart appliances, fixtures, lighting and storage are combining programmable ease with jaw-dropping style.

    According to Phil Kean, “The choices in this bright new world of intuitive kitchen tech are extensive and exciting. Creating a personalized custom kitchen design that is responsive to your individual style of cooking, entertaining and just living is a rewarding adventure. It’s really helpful to work with our experts to sort through the many kitchen tech options that meld great design with function and ease.” The culinary technology trend is especially at home in the indoor-to-outdoor kitchen designs for which the Phil Kean group is renowned.

    High Tech for the Heart of the Home

    best kitchen colors with dark cabinets

    According to Phil Kean, “The important thing always is keeping your kitchen a warm and welcoming haven whether your taste runs highly contemporary or comfortably elegant.” When it comes to incorporating the latest trends in kitchen automation and design, you’ll want your kitchen to “live” as it always has. As the hub and heartbeat of your home, it’s a place you’ve created as a special setting for family and friends, inspired epicurean creativity or simply the joys of a peaceful cup of coffee or romantic cocktail.

    “For many people, the kitchen is the center of the home and a locus for interactions that go beyond preparing and eating food,” states a recent New York Times design article.
    “Now tech companies and appliance makers, aiming to deepen their relationships with customers, are increasingly targeting the room that is synonymous with togetherness.”

    Smart Kitchens on Parade

    The 2018 Greater Orlando Parade of Homes is one of the most perennially popular self-guided events in Central Florida and will run from May 5th to the 13th. It’s a celebration of the best in modern architecture, interior design and, of course, the connectivity, security and control of smart technology. As the Parade’s website states, “Whether you’re looking for a new home, wish to re-imagine your current home or are searching for a spark of inspiration, the Parade of Homes is the event for everyone interested and enthused by modern home design.”

    To start to picture how all of these beautiful, intuitive kitchen tech designs can be woven into a personalized custom smart kitchen embodying your own aesthetic statement while being intuitively responsive to your unique cooking, entertaining and living style, a visit to the Phil Kean Kitchens showroom will fire up your imagination and make your heart beat a little faster! Why not schedule a complimentary consultation?

    Extraordinary Built-InBosch Smart Coffee Machine, Included

    kitchen and bath remodeling orlando fl

    Imagine impressing your friends (and taking the hard work out of entertaining) with a stunning Bosch connected coffee machine. Its CoffeePlaylist allows you to program customized coffee and tea beverages for all your guests. Your morning will never be the same! Those who sign a qualified kitchen design contract with Phil Kean Kitchens during May 2018 will receive this extraordinary example of beautiful and functional smart kitchen technology compliments of Phil Kean Kitchens. Find out more at the Phil Kean Kitchens showroom or at the Phil Kean Design Group entries in the upcoming Orlando Parade of Homes.

    For more information about custom gourmet smart kitchen designs contact Phil Kean Kitchen & Bath to schedule your private consultation.