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  1. How to Design the Perfect Luxury Kitchen

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    A luxury kitchen incorporates the often associated expansive spaces and clean lines of modern home design. However, luxury is not only about style—it is also about ease of use.

    how to design the perfect luxury kitchen

    The kitchen should be one of the most useful spaces in your home, helping you to cook, entertain, and dine without stress or complication. So, what does that mean and how is it accomplished?

    A stress-free, luxury kitchen should require the minimum number of steps to complete the tasks that you perform most. Your morning coffee, for example, should not take you back and forth from one side of the kitchen to the other.

    In modern kitchen design, luxury seamlessly meets purpose in what we call “zones of function.” The goal of these zones is to allow for a luxury design while also ensuring that your kitchen tasks remain pleasant and simple.

    Defining the most important zones

    Luxury kitchen design is not a certain layout or a repeatable design. The concept of luxury kitchen design within modern home design is that each kitchen should be completely customized and function according to the people who are using it most.

    To begin your luxury kitchen design, the zones of function that are most important to you must be defined. Take a look at your current kitchen routines.

    What activities do you do the most?

    What tasks annoy you?

    What do you wish your kitchen could do that it currently does not?

    If you drink coffee every morning, everything you need to make that coffee should be in one place. If you wish you could prepare healthier meals, your prep station should have easy access to a cutting board, sink, and be close to the stove. If you love wine, your wine storage should be accessible from the entertainment area, not placed in some obscure and hidden part of the kitchen.

    By considering your current and desired use of your kitchen, you can define the “zones” important to you. Once you’ve done that, an appropriate design of the kitchen’s spaces according to those zones should develop naturally.

    Designing each zone of your luxury kitchen

    When you know your most important zones of function, you then have to look at each zone in greater detail.

    What appliances are useful in this zone?

    How many utensils are required and how should they be stored for easy access?

    Does this zone need to overlap with another to maximize efficiency?

    Usually, high-use appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, stove, and dishwasher will act as links between zones because they are used for multiple kitchen tasks. Depending on the zones of function you have designated as the most important, it may make sense to repeat kitchen features, such as having a second sink or an island cooktop to help optimize preparation or a second dishwasher to aid in cleanup.

    luxury kitchen zones 2022

    Defining the zones is the easy part. Designing the details gets a bit more complicated. That’s why we recommend working with an experienced kitchen designer who can take those zones of function and turn them into a cohesive workspace that is beautifully designed.

    Seamlessly moving between zones

    Different zones of function do not mean the zones are visually identifiable from one another. In fact, they should be invisible. The zones exist in their function, not in their appearance. Each area of your kitchen should overlap and melt together to create one complete space of luxury, style, and purpose.

    When designed well, zones of function will flow together naturally. With creative storage and a consistent style, each area of the kitchen can feed into the next, running uninterrupted from end to end.

    Our talented designers are experts in creating seamless zones of function for our clients, spaces that are not only beautiful to behold, but also beautiful to live in.

    Contact us today to create your perfect luxury kitchen!

  2. Kitchen Design Awards 2021: Gold Taken by Phil Kean Kitchens

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    Phil Kean Kitchens Wins Gold


    Phil Kean Kitchens received the 2021 Gold Kitchen Design Award from Kitchen & Bath Design News in their category “Kitchens over $225,000”! See photos of the modern kitchen design below and read how our talented design team created this beautiful kitchen using a combination of multiple colors and textures here: Kitchen and Bath Design News’ 2021 Best Kitchens over $225K!

    Congratulations to the team members who include Senior Kitchen Designer, Todd Atkins along with Architect, Phil Kean and Interior Designer, Keri Ferguson (all of Phil Kean Design Group)!

    best modern kitchen over 225K

    modern kitchen design 2022

    modern kitchens design 2022

    modern kitchen patio 2022
    Photos by Uneek Image

    The team members on this award-winning project include Todd Atkins, Senior Kitchen Designer; Phil Kean, Architect; and Keri Ferguson, Interior Designer, all of Phil Kean Design Group. The team’s objective was to demonstrate how the space could be beautifully designed using a combination of multiple colors and textures.

    Cabinets from Plato Woodwork’ INOVAE Classic line are used in contrasting colors of walnut, creamy whites, dark carbon, sparkling champagne and reflective glass in gray. A traditional walnut finish is showcased on the 10′ illuminated walnut hutch, which includes glass-front doors that highlight the contents. Walnut is also used in a chevron pattern on the island cabinetry, interior cabinetry in the TV niche, and custom hood built using a Panasonic 36″ range hood.

    The kitchen also features a range of interior storage options, including peg boards, spice racks, utensil dividers and roll-outs. Specialty spaces including a coffee bar and TV niche can be closed off and hidden behind their retractable bi-fold doors.

    Modo cabinet hardware from Schaub & Company adds a touch of gold, along with the Kohler Crue Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. The faucet is paired with Kohler’s Prolific Undermount Sink.

    The Signature Kitchen Suite appliances deliver luxury built-in cooking and refrigeration options. Included are: 48″ Dual-Fuel Range with Sous Vide and Induction, 30″ Double Wall Oven with Steam-Combi and Microwave Oven Drawer, all in stainless steel, as well as 30″ Integrated Panel-Ready Column Refrigerator and Freezer units, and Quadwash Panel-Ready Dishwasher.

    To contrast the Engineered Natural Walnut flooring, the designers used a bright white Viatera Quartz from LG Hausys for both the countertops and the backsplash. Idril Sconces in brushed nickel, as well as the Loop Linear fixture in brushed aluminum above the island – all from Kichler – provide illumination.

    See the full article here Kitchen Design Award Winners 2021.


  3. 4 Top Kitchen Trends We’ll See Everywhere In 2020

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    4 Top Kitchen Trends We’ll See Everywhere In 2020

    Beautiful residences increasingly feature a stunning kitchen design at their core, and for good reason. 

    New kitchen trends are turning them into even more stunning and welcoming places. They stand out in their aesthetics while simultaneously drawing you in with their warmth.

    Building a luxury home or renovating your current kitchen to further elevate it? Consider incorporating these luxury, modern kitchen trends. You’re bound to see them everywhere heading into 2020:

    1. Connections With Nature
    2. Textural Intrigue
    3. Seamless Appliance Integration
    4. Technology-Driven Kitchens

    >Connections with Nature

    outdoor kitchen trends

    Firstly, kitchens are being designed to incorporate natural elements. No, we’re not referring to an outdoor kitchen—although they are fantastic, and we highly recommend them for your luxury residence. Instead, we’re highlighting the trend of using natural materials—namely, wood—in your kitchen.

    Bringing nature into your kitchen not only forms a connection with the beauty of the outdoors. It also creates a rich, calming environment. It is elegant, welcoming, organic and modern!

    >Textural Intrigue

    2020 kitchen trend live edge wood

    Next, gone are the days of kitchen monotony and textural uniformity.

    As a result, a new trend in kitchens has emerged: textural diversity. Mixing various textures into your kitchen, like using live edge wood to contrast a smooth, polished marble, achieves both a visual and textural intrigue. Imagine the excitement such uniqueness creates not only in your guests, but in you each and every time you visit your lovely, texturally stimulating kitchen!

    >Seamless Appliance Integration

    Next, one of the primary characteristics of a luxury kitchen is the seamless integration of appliances into the design. Cooktops, for example, flawlessly fit into countertops for an exquisite, professional look. Simply eliminate the conspicuous and often intrusive presence of traditional appliances. As a result, this elevates your kitchen to the upper echelons of modern luxury.

    >Technology-Driven Kitchens

    technology driven kitchens 2020

    Lastly, home technology has taken first-class residences by storm, and kitchen designs are no exception. As such, utilizing modern innovation to increase the convenience and efficiency of the kitchen is one of the top trends of 2020.

    Imagine your morning latte being prepared for you first thing in the morning without having to press a single button. Now, controlling your appliances with an app on your phone or the sound of your voice is reality. Incorporate technology into your kitchen ideas for 2020! 

    In conclusion, the kitchen is the heart of your home. We can help you make it stand out. So, if you are building a new luxury residence or remodeling your current home, consider Phil Kean Kitchens, renowned for its exceptional, cutting-edge designs that are sure to elevate your kitchen and your home to new heights.

    If you have questions or would like to speak with from the Phil Kean Kitchens office, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch. 


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    Kitchen Tech Trends: We’re Not Far from “Alexa, Cook Me Dinner!”

  4. 2019 Kitchen Trends: Color, Cabinets and Copper Accents

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    Because of the investment of time, effort and, of course, money when designing a new kitchen, or remodeling an existing space, when it comes to choosing colors, materials and finishing touches, timeless typically beats trendy. However, with a professional’s touch, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

    “We dug into this year’s hottest kitchen elements to find the trends that are transcending into the realm of mainstay techniques in modern design,” details Phil Kean. “While these are our predictions for the details that will continue to dominate kitchens in 2019, our team of interior designers foresee each of the following directions maintaining their appeal for years or decades to come.”

    Our designers’ findings may surprise you, and are also sure to delight and inspire. Keep reading for the top five trends that will rule kitchen design in 2019 and beyond.

    latest trend in kitchen cabinets

    Image source: Bonytt

    Pops of Color

    Not long ago, all-white kitchens reigned supreme—our own monochromatic kitchen remodel won Room of the Year at the 2013 Best in American Living Awards. While simplicity still earns a top spot on trend lists, vibrant pops of color are claiming their moment in the spotlight.

    From accent walls and accessories, to cabinetry and ceramic tile, there are countless methods of incorporating unexpected hues in kitchen designs. Deep, jewel tone greens and blues have dominated interior design palettes in recent years. In 2019, we can expect to see the rise of earthy, warm tones—burnt orange, caramel and red. Muted shades of blue, green and gray, as well as rich teal, will also be a popular choice adorning islands, wall storage and appliances.

    aurora awards

    Image source: Style at Home

    Open Shelving

    Wood, glass, minimal, traditional—when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinetry, the possibilities are bountiful and beautiful. As we move into 2019, opting for open shelving in place of closed upper cabinets will continue to be a top trend for those building or remodeling a modern kitchen.

    A style as sleek as it is practical, open shelving allows homeowners to organize and display cookware, serving trays, pitchers, plates and other unique treasures. With no doors to hide behind, open storage solutions also offer an incentive to stay tidy and keep kitchen collections cohesive. With a range of available materials and styles—from floating live-edge wood planks to dark piping or stainless-steel brackets for an industrial touch—open shelving can contribute to creating a totally custom look.

    white and copper kitchen

    Image source: Phil Kean Kitchens; Photo by Uneek Image

    Two-Toned Kitchens

    There is a time and place for a monochromatic look, but 2019 brings with it an opportunity to shake things up. Two-toned kitchen designs are making waves for blending sophisticated elegance with a contemporary twist. This look can be obtained by mixing colors, materials or finishes, but achieving the right amount of contrast requires a designer’s eye.

    A popular route to incorporating multiple colors within a single kitchen design involves pairing dark lower cabinets with a light finish on the upper. This approach draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and open space. Color blocking an island or one wall of cabinets is another technique to add visual interest to a modern design and can be used to accent a point of focus, like a state-of-the-art gas range.

    top modern kitchen designs

    Image source: Orange Graphics

    Gold and Copper Accents

    From hardware to appliances and accessories, metal finishes add a luxe touch to any kitchen design. As color trends heat up, metallic accents will follow suit. In 2019, spaces will trade cool silver, platinum and stainless steel for warm gold and copper.

    Pairing well with dark shades like navy and black, as well as white and natural wood, gold and copper finishes boost contrast and style. Incorporated into modern designs, warm metals bring classic refinement in a timeless package.

    florida kitchen and bath

    Image source: Motivo Home; Phil Kean Kitchens; photo by AOFotos

    Pendant Lighting

    As showcased in several of our designs, pendant lighting is a chic way to call attention to a space’s central focus point. In the kitchen, pendants are a perfect complement to recessed lighting—practical yet polished.

    With a wide range of available suspended lighting styles, there are plenty of options to match your kitchen’s look and feel. Choose from Edison bulbs enclosed in glass, mid-century modern globes accented in gold, industrial metal shades and geometric designs, among many others.

    kitchen concepts llc

    Phil Kean Kitchens; photo by Uneek Image

    Unique Cabinet Handles and Hardware

    In exceptional kitchen design, it’s all about the details. Cabinet handles, pulls and hardware put the finishing touches on a space and have the ability to completely transform a room. For the 2019 kitchen trends, these elements will get their due respect, with intentional and innovative elements dominating interiors.

    From recessed handles to leather pulls and hardware making use of the gold and copper accent trend, this trend focuses on combining the best of form and function. A style that has stood the test of time in our own minimal kitchen designs, handle-free cabinetry is also set to gain widespread traction.

    Searching for more inspiration? Browse our kitchen design gallery for ideas and innovative applications of these and more timeless elements, or book your consultation with one of our designers today.