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  1. 2019 Kitchen Trends: Color, Cabinets and Copper Accents

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    Because of the investment of time, effort and, of course, money when designing a new kitchen, or remodeling an existing space, when it comes to choosing colors, materials and finishing touches, timeless typically beats trendy. However, with a professional’s touch, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

    “We dug into this year’s hottest kitchen elements to find the trends that are transcending into the realm of mainstay techniques in modern design,” details Phil Kean. “While these are our predictions for the details that will continue to dominate kitchens in 2019, our team of interior designers foresee each of the following directions maintaining their appeal for years or decades to come.”

    Our designers’ findings may surprise you, and are also sure to delight and inspire. Keep reading for the top five trends that will rule kitchen design in 2019 and beyond.

    latest trend in kitchen cabinets

    Image source: Bonytt

    Pops of Color

    Not long ago, all-white kitchens reigned supreme—our own monochromatic kitchen remodel won Room of the Year at the 2013 Best in American Living Awards. While simplicity still earns a top spot on trend lists, vibrant pops of color are claiming their moment in the spotlight.

    From accent walls and accessories, to cabinetry and ceramic tile, there are countless methods of incorporating unexpected hues in kitchen designs. Deep, jewel tone greens and blues have dominated interior design palettes in recent years. In 2019, we can expect to see the rise of earthy, warm tones—burnt orange, caramel and red. Muted shades of blue, green and gray, as well as rich teal, will also be a popular choice adorning islands, wall storage and appliances.

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    Image source: Style at Home

    Open Shelving

    Wood, glass, minimal, traditional—when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinetry, the possibilities are bountiful and beautiful. As we move into 2019, opting for open shelving in place of closed upper cabinets will continue to be a top trend for those building or remodeling a modern kitchen.

    A style as sleek as it is practical, open shelving allows homeowners to organize and display cookware, serving trays, pitchers, plates and other unique treasures. With no doors to hide behind, open storage solutions also offer an incentive to stay tidy and keep kitchen collections cohesive. With a range of available materials and styles—from floating live-edge wood planks to dark piping or stainless-steel brackets for an industrial touch—open shelving can contribute to creating a totally custom look.

    white and copper kitchen

    Image source: Phil Kean Kitchens; Photo by Uneek Image

    Two-Toned Kitchens

    There is a time and place for a monochromatic look, but 2019 brings with it an opportunity to shake things up. Two-toned kitchen designs are making waves for blending sophisticated elegance with a contemporary twist. This look can be obtained by mixing colors, materials or finishes, but achieving the right amount of contrast requires a designer’s eye.

    A popular route to incorporating multiple colors within a single kitchen design involves pairing dark lower cabinets with a light finish on the upper. This approach draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and open space. Color blocking an island or one wall of cabinets is another technique to add visual interest to a modern design and can be used to accent a point of focus, like a state-of-the-art gas range.

    top modern kitchen designs

    Image source: Orange Graphics

    Gold and Copper Accents

    From hardware to appliances and accessories, metal finishes add a luxe touch to any kitchen design. As color trends heat up, metallic accents will follow suit. In 2019, spaces will trade cool silver, platinum and stainless steel for warm gold and copper.

    Pairing well with dark shades like navy and black, as well as white and natural wood, gold and copper finishes boost contrast and style. Incorporated into modern designs, warm metals bring classic refinement in a timeless package.

    florida kitchen and bath

    Image source: Motivo Home; Phil Kean Kitchens; photo by AOFotos

    Pendant Lighting

    As showcased in several of our designs, pendant lighting is a chic way to call attention to a space’s central focus point. In the kitchen, pendants are a perfect complement to recessed lighting—practical yet polished.

    With a wide range of available suspended lighting styles, there are plenty of options to match your kitchen’s look and feel. Choose from Edison bulbs enclosed in glass, mid-century modern globes accented in gold, industrial metal shades and geometric designs, among many others.

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    Phil Kean Kitchens; photo by Uneek Image

    Unique Cabinet Handles and Hardware

    In exceptional kitchen design, it’s all about the details. Cabinet handles, pulls and hardware put the finishing touches on a space and have the ability to completely transform a room. For the 2019 kitchen trends, these elements will get their due respect, with intentional and innovative elements dominating interiors.

    From recessed handles to leather pulls and hardware making use of the gold and copper accent trend, this trend focuses on combining the best of form and function. A style that has stood the test of time in our own minimal kitchen designs, handle-free cabinetry is also set to gain widespread traction.

    Searching for more inspiration? Browse our kitchen design gallery for ideas and innovative applications of these and more timeless elements, or book your consultation with one of our designers today.